Vapes And E-Cigarettes Will Now Be Banned In Public Places

The earlier nationwide ban on smoking in public places has been instituted since 2017 but did not actually include a ban on electronic alternatives, much to the surprise of a number of people. Now, the Department of Health (DOH) has decided to formally initiate a prohibition of both vapes and e-cigarettes in public spaces. Undersecretary Eric Domingo  declared this in line with Administrative Order 2019-0007, which originally banned only tobacco cigarettes.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III explained that the AO would now cover Electronic Nicotine and Non-Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS): “Use of vapes and e-cigarettes will be banned in places where smoking is prohibited.”

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Under Executive Order 26, smoking vapes and e-cigarettes is now prohibited in public areas like ‘schools, workplaces, government facilities, establishments that provide food and drink, accommodation, merchandise, professional services, entertainment, or other services.’ All designated smoking areas must comply with the same requirements as the DSA’s for traditional cigarettes.

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The manufacturing, distribution, sale, and exportation/importation of these ENDS will likewise be affected by the AO in terms of obtaining a license from the Food and Drug Administration. Retail sales nicotine shots and concentrates will be disallowed while the containers must now come with the relevant health warnings.

What do you think about this new public ban? 

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