Top 8 Reasons Why ValuePlus Auto Service is The Best Alternative to a Casa. WIN GCs for Your Car!

When In Manila, having your vehicle casa-maintained is really not bad, but sometimes you just want to start being practical but not too cheap that the quality of taking care of your car is not sacrificed.

We’ve all had different experiences where we have our cars maintained.  Some are good & some are horror stories – from feelings of overpricing, service that takes too long or just poor quality from fly-by-night operators.

Now I’m not much into cars, I drive one but my only concern is that as long as it works, takes me to places, its good. I’m aware of some basics like I should change oil or do PMS (Periodic Maintenance Service) every so and so kilometers or months just to make sure everything is running smoothly. Cars are not generally a girl-thing, I leave the car-talk to the boys.

But I do want the things that I own to be taken cared of nicely. I have a 3 year-old car and when it was new I always took it to the casa, but after a while friends have been telling me that there are more practical alternatives out there.

I found a gem of a place in the heart of Metro Manila where you can strike that balance between quality service and value for money.  Its called ValuePlus Auto Service.

Here are the top 8 reasons why ValuePlus Auto Service is the best alternative to a casa :

(8)    Casa appeal with its equipment, layout & cleanliness


Fully equipped with the latest tools & equipment at par with that of a casa, such as LAUNCH diagnostic scanner, HUNTER wheel alignment, tire changer & balancer, chain-type 2-Post lifters, and hydraulic-type lifters.



(7)    Professional staff & process flow
Upon arrival, a service staff will greet you, check your car and give a cost estimate of what needs to be done.

ValuePlus Auto Service personnel all come from the major car manufacturers & car dealerships – from the technicians, supervisors and managers.   Which means they bring in world-class experience to your car servicing.


(6)    Flexibility in parts choices

You are given two choices for the cost estimate, one for original parts and another for replacement parts.  Unlike in casa where you are forced to pay the price of original parts, here you have a choice.  This is where big savings can come in.  Even replacement parts come with a warranty.  Clients can also come in with their own parts!


The old parts are also returned to you once the service is done.  Something others won’t do.

(5)    Transparency
On the second floor, at the customers lounge area you can look down and see what is actually being done to your car. Or you can go down on the work floor and talk to the personnel on whats really being done on your car.  Unlike in casas where we don’t see whats going on, this setup provides total transparency.

And because of this personal approach, a better client-business relationships is formed.  Some existing clients already request for their favorite technician.  Its like requesting your favorite hairdresser at the salon 🙂

(4)    Great Customer Service

The customer lounge offers free coffee & snacks while you wait along with strong WIFI, television & a cozy atmosphere.  You can also look down once in a while and check how your vehicle is doing.  At the Customer lounge there’s the CCTV monitor of each bay, so still you can also see what’s going on down there.

Also 3 days after your service, a customer representative will text/call to see how your vehicle is doing.  You will also get reminders on what needs to be done next after a few months. Now this kind of monitoring usually flies by my head so having someone remind me of these things are very very helpful.

(3)    Faster service

You can get your car  within the day for PMS.  For our Rav4, we had minor preventive maintenance done (change engine oil, replace oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, replace drive belt, ATF, brake fluid, coolant, brake cleaning), interior & exterior detailing and check-up of front suspension.  (A job estimate using all original parts was Php 26K vs Php 19K using replacement parts)


For the Honda City, the following were done : regular preventive maintenance, aircon cleaning, interior & exterior auto-detailing   (A job estimate using all original parts was Php 30K vs Php 20K using replacement parts)

When we got the cars, they were shiny, scratchmarks & watermarks gone, and smelled like new again!

Their performance improved too.  It felt safe & good to drive a newly checked-up car.

(2)    Strategic location


Its strategically located within the vicinity of Banawe, the parts center of the local automotive market, which means they already know the reliable suppliers there and can get the parts right away – which means faster car servicing for you.  They also enjoy competitive rates for the parts which is passed on to us consumers.

(1)    Pick Up and Delivery Service

ValuePlus Auto Service offers Fleet Management System that is designed to help clients maximize time in maintaining their vehicle fleet.  If your company becomes a fleet client, they can pickup and deliver your vehicle anywhere in Metro Manila.  Its just like laundry.


So if you’re a company big or small looking to (a) eliminate the administrative work in monitoring vehicle maintenance (b) manage cost of parts & repairs and (c) enhance control on parts & repairs that go into the vehicle, including warranty administration, then you better contact the General Manager, Mark here.



I had my other car delivered and it was fast and easy to communicate & meet up with the driver.

Overall, having your car serviced at ValuePlus Auto Service is an experiential thing.  One where you can sit back, relax and be assured of good service, quality and value for money at the same time.


Services :
•    Fleet Management System
•    Preventive Maintenance
•    Diagnoses and repairs brake, clutch, suspension, engine, transmission, air-conditioning and electrical system
•    Wheel alignment, tire changing, wheel balancing
•    Car care, detailing and undercoating
•    Body & paint services



Distributes :
•    Engine OIL – Repsol Motor Oil (Spain), WHIZ (US)
•    Shop Consumables – Johnsen’s Chemicals (US), Dynatex (US), AutoGlym Car Care (UK)
•    Parts – Osram Bulbs (Germany), VIC Filters (Japan), Dunlop & Toyo Tires (Japan)

When In Manila, you can also experience driving to a peace of mind with ValuePlus Auto Service since they are giving away 10 GCs worth Php 2000 each  you can use for your next car servicing needs!

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ValuePlus Auto Service
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(02) 4138888 / (02) 5218728
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