Get a Chance to Win an All-Expense-Paid Trip to London

Always wanted to to London? This could be your chance! Pru Life UK has just announced some exciting news for PRURide!

What is Pru Life’s PRURide?

This year’s PRURide Philippines is now bigger and better! The event is part of Prudential’s 175th-anniversary celebration, including its 100 years in Asia.

Last April 30 and May 7, Pru Life UK held its Virtual PRURide pre-qualifying rounds in SM Seaside Cebu and SM City Clark respectively. The Virtual PRURide is a digital competition where professional and amateur cyclists experienced the fun and excitement of biking without having to go on the road for free.

“We are thrilled to bring back PRURide Philippines after three years, especially when families and communities need to come together to celebrate life and embrace a healthy lifestyle,” says Allan Tumbaga, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of Pru Life UK. “This year’s event is more than just a cycling festival but an opportunity for people to bond with their loved ones while engaging in physical activities. We hope PRURide can inspire more Filipinos to prioritize their health and wellness.”

Who Can Join Pru Life’s PRURide?

PRURide Philippines is open to everyone! Casual and seasoned bikers can join the Gran Fondo, a timed ride ranging from 30 to 100 kilometers. Gran Fondo 30 is best for beginners, while the 100 mimics the route taken by experienced cyclists. The Gran Fondo 60 is perfect for those looking for a moderate challenge.

Families can also join PRURide Philippines’ fun and friendly rides. The Family Fun Ride is a 5-kilometer cycling route for groups, while the Kids Cup is perfect for young children. Kim Atienza, Gretchen Ho, and Zoren Legaspi will join the Gran Fondo as PRURide Philippines advocates.

The top six finalists with the fastest cycling time in Clark and Cebu will move to the Virtual PRURide Grand Finals, taking place on May 21 and May 28. The winners will bring home Php3,000, Php5,000, and Php10,000 for the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st placers respectively. Clark registration closes on May 17 and Cebu registration ends on May 24.

Register for Pru Life’s PRU Ride here.

How to Win an All-Expense-Paid Trip to London With Pru Life’s PRURide

Existing and eligible customers can join the PRURide Philippines 2023 raffle for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to London, not just for themselves but for three more family members.

Existing customers with select in-force Pru Life UK products who register for PRURide Philippines 2023 Gran Fondo categories will earn double raffle tickets and be included in the promo.

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Photo from Pru Life

Learn more about the raffle for an all-expense-paid trip to London through Pru Life’s PRURide here.

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