Useful Tips for Men on Planning the Perfect Valentine Date

Valentines Day is widely celebrated in the Philippines. People buying flowers, chocolates and random gifts in hopes of making their partner or loved one happy on this day of love. However, this special occasion can also very easily turn into a disaster if not planned properly. Hence, (especially to the guys out there) allow me to share a checklist of some things you need to remember when on your romantic date to make sure she feels special.


Plan everything beforehand

Girls love planning things, and most girls usually want things in a particular way or manner. However, nothing beats a guy planning a date. Girls love it when men take control. Planning everything accordingly from the drive to the destination and even the little things in between like the clothes to wear or medicine for a constant aching tummy sweeps us of our feet! It makes the ladies feel that you know exactly what you want and are ready to go get it!

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-1This guy decided to gift his girlfriend a nice dress for their date! Removing the trouble of finding the perfect outfit for the ladies. (plus points for you!)


Pick her up (plus points for riding in style!)

Nowadays, the definition of a date has changed drastically. What used to have girls and guys alike at the edge of their seat in excitement has somewhat shifted into just a regular kind of thing. When you ask your honey out on a date, make sure you pick her up from her house instead of simply agreeing to meet up with her somewhere. Moreover, make her feel extra special by riding in style!

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-06Vintage 1962 Jaguar from Royal Carriages


Most girls, like myself don’t know much about cars, but we still know how to appreciate a vintage ride like this when we see it. Getting pick up from our homes by our handsome partners in a car like this is just the perfect way to start the evening! It almost makes it feel like we were in the movies. In case you were wondering… NO, this isn’t our car. You can easily rent this out (with the driver) amongst other cars through Royal Carriages. They also have an ongoing promo that you might want to check out.



Don’t Come Empty Handed

Many girls say they don’t want flowers or chocolates. I’m one of those girls as I try to be more practical when it comes to giving or receiving gifts. However, despite us saying this, there’s still something about receiving flowers that gives us butterflies in our stomach. Whether it be flowers, or chocolates, or even a simple card, just make sure you bring a little something to make her smile on your special night.

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-12Ooh! Flowers and Swiss Miss, nice one!


Compliment her

You know all those memes about how girls take forever to get ready? Well, that’s no joke! She takes forever because she want to make sure she looks her best for you when you come to pick her up. Hence, a little compliment on what she’s wearing or how she looks is greatly appreciated.

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-02Just be ready for a light smack on the face as she pretends to feel embarrassed. (heehee) Don’t worry, it’s a sign you did good!


Open the Door for Her

This should go without saying but several men I know tend to take this part for granted. Despite how small this action may be, it shows the girl how much you are willing to take care of her. Every girl wants to be treated like a queen. You don’t need to do it every day, but at least do it on your special day.



Talk to Each Other

Yes, I need to mention this. Being in the car with your partner is not a chance for you to catch up on some sleep. It’s also not a chance for you to grab her ass or kiss her obsessively. When in the car, TALK to her. When you talk to her or listen to her stories, it makes her feel you’re really interested in her. It makes her feel that you want to know more about her so you can love her even better.

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-05Putting your arm around her shoulder or holding her hands are great depending on the status of your relationship. Some girls like a little hand holding while others would prefer you keeping your hands to yourself.


Take Her to a Romantic Restaurant

There are a lot of good restaurants in Manila for your date, however, my top 2 favorites would have to be Ninyo Fusion Cuisine in Katipunan and Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant in Horseshoe Village. These 2 places are just perfect with their garden view, dim lights and private dining! Both restaurants are also very classy, adding an extra icing to your cake. Oh… and PLEASE don’t forget to make a reservation.

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-ninyo-fusion-14Ninyo has everything set up for your romantic night out this Valentine season


Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-15Oh, and again, don’t forget to pull out her chair for her


Sit, Eye-Contact, Hold Hands and Talk

When on a date, I recently learned that it’s important to sit across each other. This way, you can hold hands and really look into each other’s eyes while talking.  Again, they may sound like very simple gestures, but these simple things are really what’ll make your night magical. Looking into her eyes, holding her hands and talking to her let her feel your sincerity. It makes her feel she means the world to you.

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-ninyo-fusion-21might not be the perfect photo to prove my point, but hey, we were busy enjoying our delicious meals from Ninyo! (heehee)


All these are just really simple tips that most women feel men should already know. However, these are also the things men take for granted. So the next time you plan your special night, just follow these tips and you’re sure to have swept her off her feet before the night ends.


Be a Gentleman: Take her Home at a Reasonable Time

I’m sure you want to spend more time with her, but keeping her out ’till the wee hours of the night might not be a good idea – especially if she’s still living with her parents. Gotta make a good impression right? So take her home at the right time and just hang out for a while if you still want to talk.




If you’re familiar with the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, these tips actually take on all 5. The concept is that each of us has our own love language, our own way of giving or understanding love. The 5 love languages are word of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Couples don’t usually have the same love language, which often leads to misunderstandings. For example, if the man’s love language is gift.. he’s surely to shower his girlfriend with gifts. However, if the woman’s love language was quality time, she would not appreciate the gifts as much as the man would want her to. Following the tips above, you are able to show love in all 5 love languages… surely one if not all of these will sweep her off her feet. Enjoy your date!

Planning-a-perfect-valentine-date-ninyo-fusion-22Cheers everyone! Happy Valentines Day!


By the way, just as an added tip, the restaurant in the photos above is  Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge while the car rental service used was Royal Carriages.


What other tips do you have in planning the perfect date? Leave them in the comments below.