Urbanears Kransen Plus: Colorful Earphones Perfect for Apple Users

Urbanears Kransen Plus: Colorful Earphones Perfect for Apple Users

If you are an avid Apple user, then you probably understand what I mean when I say that there are certain earphones that go really well with Apple gadgets and certain earphones that simply don’t. Urbanears Kransen Plus is the type that goes really well with Apple gadgets.

Urbanears Kransen Plus Earphones 

Every pair of Urbanears Kransen Plus earphones is equipped with an Apple-licensed chip for its built-in microphone and remote.  These carry the “Made for iPod, iPhone & iPad” label. They also feature an additional volume control for easier listening.

The Urbanears Kransen Plus earphones would fit iPhone users exceedingly well, especially if the person in question has an iPhone 5C. Why? Because they come in all sorts of different colours (pink, black, green, yellow, blue and white). This ensures that your colourful phone stays as fun and as vibrant as possible. :D Since they also come in black and white, though, they also go well with Apple gadgets in their classic black and white colours. Fun for all!

Urbanears Kransen Plus 

As you can see, Kransen also features SnapConstruction and the CableLoop, which allows you to wrap up your cord when you’re not using your headphones. This will keep it safe and sound at all times. It also has precise and powerful bass tones that are finely tuned across a wide bandwidth, so you can hear more of your music.

This premium in-ear model is also engineered with a hefty dose of Urbanears DNA. So, don’t be fooled by its simple design. These earphones are actually jam-packed with different features. For starters, it is engineered to stick to your ears, no matter how much you move around, making it the perfect gym buddy.

Urbanears Kransen Plus

The Urbanears Kransen Plus earphones will suit anyone’s who loves listening to music and making the most of it. And, while other companies might try to provide the same thing, Urbanears is still the original when it comes to colourful earphones. 

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Urbanears Kransen Plus is now available at Beyond the Box for Php2,450 available at Beyond the Box stores.




Urbanears Kransen Plus: Colorful Earphones Perfect for Apple Users

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