Unleashing Positivity in the Pandemic

Can one use this pandemic to know what it takes to achieve clarity of mind, inner peace and joy, and strength of character?
Last month, some netizens joined an interactive webinar facilitated by the Institute for Integrality, Inc. on POSITIVITY, which includes tools and techniques from Positive Psychology and many other disciplines. The program featured fun and interactive lectures, icebreakers, learning activities, videos, and breakout sessions that were meant to promote wellness in one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

1. Think Well: Clarity of Mind

The webinar began with rapport-building and reflection activities that smoothly transitioned to the first topic about the importance of identifying “The Big Why” for each person. Then, “The Power of Pause” made the participants see their ability to think logically, even amid negative situations. Lastly, a real-life experiment was shared to highlight the importance of delaying impulsive judgments and avoiding the traps of the past and future through “The Habit of Mindfulness.” Participants were able to learn from each other as they shared insights in breakout groups.

2. Feel Well: Inner Peace and Joy

The second part of the program opened the participants’ eyes to the reality they are facing this season: the battles against negative emotions. It was said that there are two routes to win this battle — authentic love for oneself and others. The former meant loving building on one’s strengths and accepting one’s vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, loving others included embracing each one’s uniqueness and being more open to diversity.

3. Do Well: Strength of Character

To develop a strong character, the first requisite mentioned was the need to aim for balance and well-being in one’s life. The practice of the 8-8-8 rule – 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, and 8 hours for wellness activities – was suggested. The discussion on grit and resilience was interesting, particularly the topics of learned optimism versus learned helplessness.
The participants expressed their gratitude and happiness for this high-impact virtual training — they can now navigate this new normal better.

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