University Gives Car to Top 5 Bar Passer

University Gives Car to Top 5 Bar Passer

It’s normal for parents to give a prize to their children after a scholastic achievement, but now, even schools are in on it. In the recently concluded Bar exams, the annual examination for aspiring lawyers, the University of Cebu promised a new car for every examiner who enters the top 10. Michelle Liao, who reached the top 5, was given a white Toyota Vios after scoring 84.50%.

The news broke after Candice Gotianuy, chancellor of the university, posted a picture of the car on Facebook. The photo was captioned:

And this new car is for the 5th placer in the Bar Exam. University of Cebu traditionally gives our Bar topnotchers and the #1 placer in most licensure exams in a car. It’s both an incentive and reward for our students. Congratulations Atty. Michelle Liao! And kudos to our Law School headed by Dean Atty. Baldomero Estenzo!

According to Atty. Valdemero Estenzo, dean of the College of Law, after the announcement of the results, law firms and private companies called the university asking Liao to work for them.

Just last year, sixth placer Manuel Sarausad also received a brand new Toyota from the university.

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