UniQube PH: Your One Stop Shop for Anything Unique Online and Offline

When In Manila, online stores have been booming since last year and believe it or not, people have been hooked with online shopping. The fact that you can find unique items justifies why people are so into it. For others, they prefer buying in a physical store so as they can check the quality and the product first before they buy.

Looking for a store that can offer both? Check out UniQube PH and see your unique online finds for real before you buy!

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UniQube PH

UniQube PH was opened September last year and has been catering well to the needs of its customers.  The concept is so cool because everything is housed in compartment cabinets. It’s like a bazaar of small stuff and that every compartment you check is a different shop already. Their sales team is also very accommodating and ready to assist.

Uniqube 4Instagram shopping heaven!

When I asked the owner Jamille Romualdez of why this concept? Her answer was plain, simple yet filled with a heart to help: “We opened UniQube PH because we were inspired by the number of young entrepreneursarrow . Our goal is to help them grow by having an affordable platform to sell their items physically as most of these sellers don’t have the capital yet or are too busy because of school and work.

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Unique items like character bags, imported make up, instax cameras and film, onesies and so much more can be found here. It’s like a one-stop Instagram shop, except that it is not online.

“Customers can expect a wide range of unique gifts and novelty items to personalized ones from over 90 online brands. We always have something new almost every week. “ say Jamille.

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