Unforgettable Events at UFC 205: Tate’s Retirement and McGregor as First To Hold Two Championship Belts Simultaneously

Today, UFC 205 had two remarkable events in UFC history.

First, Miesha Tate ended her career shortly after her loss over Racquel Pennington. Second, the Irishman beat Alvarez in the second round making him the first UFC fighter to hold two championship belts  simultaneously.


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I must admit, I didn’t expect her to announce that she was going to retire shortly after her loss via unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27 over Pennington. (Source: TheBigLead.com)


Source: LAtimes.com Pennington had Tate in a headlock during the bantamweight fight at UFC 205.


Profoundly known for her grappling skills, Miesha Tate mentioned to Joe Rogan that she was retiring due to disappointing results and a lot of punishment she has taken in her career. She was humble enough to say “she did her best but it’s not her time anymore,” pointing to Pennington.

tate retirement announcement

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If you’d remember, Nunes beat Tate by submission in July at UFC 200.

The 30-year old American Mixed Martial Artist has a total record of 18 wins and 7 losses and has experienced both Strikeforce and UFC women’s bantamweight championships.

I will miss Tate so much, as she was one of the nicest women MMA fighters in the UFC history.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor just had a jaw-dropping fight with Alvarez for the main event.  He knocked out Alvarez in the second round.


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As usual, McGregor reppin’ his flag as a “fighting Irishman.” He celebrated his winning moment with the crowd at the Madison Square Garden.

Despite being the underdog in tonight’s (US time) fight, he came out and showed the world what a real champion should act, look, and fight like. Truthfully, he exhibited impeccable precision skills, which was the reason of his tremendous victory.

McGregor might be the “cocky” UFC fighter, but he is kind and a humble person. In fact, he went to Alvarez’s side to show great sportsmanship.

In an interview with Dana White, owner of UFC, he mentioned to The Washington Post that UFC 205 has been the “biggest, baddest, greatest card ever assembled in sports history.”

But, I personally can’t wait for UFC 207!

Congratulations, to all the winners! And, we wish you all the best, Tate!

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