Under Armour: Mixed Martial Arts Tough

Under Armour: Mixed Martial Arts Tough

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Under Armour, a brand known for rugged sportswear recently opened its second store at SM Megamall with the premise of making all Filipino athletes better. You have probably noticed a lot of active Manileños and Manileñas engaged in a variety of sports nowadays, be it jogging, biking, skating or just even strolling. Well, Under Armour is a strong contender for all of these discerning Manileños and Manileñas.

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Founded back in 1996 in his grandmother’s basement, founder Kevin Plank got inspired to create a T-shirt with moisture wicking fiber after getting tired of changing his sweat-soaked shirt under his jersey after every game. So, the genius of Under Armour’s beginnings is literally 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!

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I never knew Under Armour aside and outside of mixed martial arts, so it was nice to see that they also make sick basketball shoes. 

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Speaking of mixed martial arts, check out Brandon “The Truth” Vera trying out some Under Armour gear! FYI, he has an upcoming match this 5-December-2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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Did you know that Under Armour’s footwear uses bra technology? Yep, it uses some of the materials used in a bra to provide the best fit and comfort for runners.

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Under Armour did not hold back when opening their second store. They deliver a complete product line with their HeatGear, ColdGear, UA Tech, Micro G, Compression, Armour Bra, UA Studio and UA StudioLux lines to choose from for the active Manileños and Manileñas.

While reading the brochure, I couldn’t help but notice the Under Armour Armour Bra, which “allows women to choose a band and cup size ensuring the perfect fit”. Like whhuuuuttt??? Is this thing modular or something? This could well be the most over-engineered undergarment in the market today, thus being aptly called The Hardest-Working Bras in Sports!

Under Armour is showing a strong start in the Philippines by showing a strong product line in a highly competitive market. So, before that next basketball match, that next jog, that next marathon, that next gym session, that next trek, that next rock/wall climb, that next boxing practice, that next bicycle ride or that next mixed martial arts session; check out Under Armour for they can help you become mixed martial arts tough!

Under Armour

SM Megamall Bldg A, UG Level Dona Julia Vargas Ave. Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong

+63 2 654 5466

Under Armour: Mixed Martial Arts Tough


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