The Ultimate Baguio Experience: An Unforgettable Food Crawl in the City of Pines

The beauty of Baguio City doesn’t just lie in its ideal climate. Sure, people go there to escape the heat of Manila, but it’s also about exploring different things and places to make your stay in the City of Pines worth it.  However, it’s not just about the places that you can enjoy there, either; you can also go on a food trip since Baguio has a lot of hidden restaurants that you can check out.

From cafes to bars, Baguio is filled with food places you might not even know about. We recently did a food crawl with the food guru ForkSpoonManila (founded by Alexis Deocaris) to look for the best restaurants in the area.


This trip is filed under ForkSpoonManila’s ‘Beyond Manila Bites‘ series and is called the ‘Ultimate Baguio Experience‘ – and it’s called that for a reason! Each and every place that we went to is a gem on its own. In total, we found six food joints that are both worth trying and are 100% Instagram-worthy.

1st Stop – Amare La Cucina

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Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. With its warmth, crisp, and alluring aroma when it’s served to you freshly baked; it sends a certain comfort perfect for the cold climate of Baguio.

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At Amare La Cucina, pizza is made using a Brick Oven and crafted using hand-tossed dough; creating a more natural-tasting pizza bread and a smokier flavor. We absolutely loved their Pizza Con Proscuitto with Italian dried-cured ham with mozzarella, tomato, and arugula to balance the saltiness, and Foie Gras Pizza, their best-seller.

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Fun Fact: You can bake your own pizza at Amare La Cucina for free! It’ll make the experience even more fun!

2nd Stop – Arca’s Yard

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My personal favorite! This café serves more than just coffee. They offer satisfyingly good Filipino food that will remind you of home-cooked meals prepared by your mother. Just 15 minutes away from the city proper, Arca’s Yard is open daily to give you the taste you are looking for.

They have meals such as Adobo FlakesHumba, and their Lechon Kawali and they also have Kamote Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. Trust me— you should not miss out on that Kamote Pie.

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Arca’s Yard actually started out as a museum and library that highlights the Igorot Culture. Arca stands for “Activities and Renaissance for Culture and Arts” and, to cater more to the guests, extended as a café. From there, it became one of the most popular restaurants in Baguio for tourists and locals alike.

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3rd Stop – The Outlook Steak & Grill

Located inside Sierra Pines Hotel, The Outlook Steak & Grill is where you should go to if you’re craving for a fine cut of steak. At a fair price, they’ll cook up some scrumptious steak—oh-so-tender and juicy— served with mashed potato, cherry tomatoes, and Baguio Beans and truffle mushroom gravy.

The serving size is honestly big enough for at least two people. So, if you go there, we advise you to go in a group so you can split the bill and try a number of their dishes.

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For starters, their Lasagna Nachos Tostadas and BBQ Chicken Taco Salad are to die for. The cheese in the lasagna and the crispiness of the nachos tostadas provide a heavenly harmony of textures.

For mains, their Lone Star Fried Chicken is a winner. The spice on the chicken skin just spreads throughout the juicy white meat perfectly in every bite.

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4th Stop – Strawberry Farm

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If you’ve been to Baguio, you’ve probably also visited the Strawberry Farm once or twice. But going here is such an experience on its own, you probably won’t mind going back again and again.

There’s not enough food here (if none at all) to really consider it a food trip, but their authentic strawberry ice cream here is the best. Yes, Burnham Park is swarming with vendors of these treats, but the freshness of the Strawberry Ice Cream here is more natural. Plus, it has more real strawberry bits!

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You’re in luck if it’s harvesting season because you can do a pick-and-pay; if not, you can just buy packed strawberries, fresh vegetables, jams, and other Baguio delicacies!

5th Stop – The Coffee Library

Coffee Library is probably the first Vietnamese cafe in Baguio. Their Pho and Vietnamese Spring Roll is such good food to eat on a chilly day. To take it up a notch, they also serve various cuisines to cater to the wants of the diverse people coming in and out of the café.

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When we visited the cafe, the team of Petron Gasul was there to do a live cooking demonstration in cooperation with the head chef of The Coffee Library. The chef showed us how they made their best-seller Vietnamese Spring Rolls and we all witnessed how well-seasoned they are and how quickly they fried them. It makes sense since Petron Gasul is known for being sulit with its true-blue flame for faster and economical cooking!

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Their coffee is as good as their food. The number of people coming here just for their iced latte is a testament to how delicious it is. I highly recommend their Vietnamese Iced Coffee—the balance of the sweetness and bitterness of this drink is just on-point. They also have Turkish Coffee, which is aesthetically pleasing; drinking from the gold porcelains just makes you feel like royalty!

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6th Stop – Baguio Brewery

Strawberry? Yes. Beer? Yes. Strawberry Beer? YES, PLEASE. Baguio Brewery is the most famous bar in the area. They brew their own beer and uses the best local flavor there is to give a signature taste you can only find at their bar. The ambiance of the place is very chill with wooden tables, plant decors, and rustic walls/floors making it almost look like a picnic place. The vibe will make you just want to slow down and enjoy a bottle of beer (or two or a bucket—we won’t judge!) with your friends.

Their Strawberry and Kiwi Beer are their best-sellers, but they have a Zigzag Beer that’s popular among customers, as well, because it’ll make you walk in zigzag in no time.

Aside from the drinks, they also have amazing food to go with your drinks. We love their Nachos, Sisig, Stout Isaw, and Chicken Inasal. They are all for sharing at a very affordable price. Who says you can’t have a good time without spending a lot?


WHERE TO STAY: Sierra Pines Baguio

As their tagline suggests, Sierra Pines Baguio will truly redefine your Baguio experience. Owned by Joey Reyes, this hotel earns its prestige through its impeccable service and sophisticated facilities. They have a gorgeous interior—complete with art—inspired by Mother Nature herself to reflect the hotel’s branding as eco-friendly.

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The rooms are beautiful as they resemble a warm cabin overlooking Baguio’s famed pine trees. Every morning, a beautiful view and a cool breeze will greet you upon waking up, making you feel more rejuvenated than ever for the day.

Along with their top-class facilities, their food at the Atrium Lobby Café is one of the reasons why guests like Sierra Pines Baguio. Nothing makes a morning better than good food. From savoury to dessert, their breakfast buffet is something you will look forward to. They have this Ube Tart that you can only eat at their buffet, as well—it’s a must-try! But the cafe also serves brunch for those who just want to enjoy the hotel.

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When you travel, it’s always nice to try something that you won’t typically see where you live. It’s what makes it a special memory and you might just find it in the places that we’ve been to.

This is just one of the few finds we’ve done in Baguio. Which one was your favorite?

*Thank you to Petron and Toyota for making this food crawl possible!



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