Uddo Wooden Sunglasses: Walk With Nature

It’s almost summer! I’m not entirely sure if I should be happy that it’s almost beach season or sad because I have to say goodbye to February’s cool breeze. One thing is certain, though: the sun is going to be bright! Good thing I have my Uddo wooden sunglasses to protect my eyes against the glare of the sun.

UDDO Walk With Nature 5

 Uddo wooden sunglasses (L-R): Netsu, Samui, Yasumu


Uddo Wooden Sunglasses

Uddo (pronounced as oo-do), literally means “wood” in Japanese. Uddo wooden sunglasses are designed in the Philippines and handcrafted from sustainable bamboo. You’re literally walking with nature whenever you’re wearing one! They’re eco-friendly, too; and, compared to most sunglasses, especially other imported ones, they are very pocket-friendly.

Uddo also boasts of its TAC polarized lenses that protect the eyes from UVA and UVB rays from the sun. If you’re bringing them to the beach or swimming pool, you won’t even have to worry about dropping them in the water because they float! They’re very light, durable and fashionable, too!

Check out some of the OOTD’s we’ve created using these Uddo sunglasses:

 UDDO Walk With Nature 1Summer “off-to-the-beach” casual dress: model is wearing Netsu.

UDDO Walk With Nature 2Active / sports wear: model is wearing Samui.

UDDO Walk With Nature 3 Casual wear: model is wearing Yasumu.


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UDDO Walk With Nature 7

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UDDO Walk With Nature 4


Please keep in mind that Uddo’s webstore currently only supports shipping within the Philippines. However, they do offer FREE shipping nationwide! For international orders, send them an email instead. Each pair of Uddo sunglasses also comes with an engraved bamboo case, pouch and a cleaning cloth.

Check out their website for more information about the price and other designs.






Instagram / Facebook: @uddo.ph

Model: Yana Ibnohajil | Instagram: @ohyana_

Photos taken by Tonette Nicolas | Instagram: @healthjunkieph