The Toothbrush Movement: Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush for a Cause

The Toothbrush Movement: Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush for a Cause!toothbrushmovement

When In Manila, keep your teeth clean and healthy while contributing to the community! Minka MXN, Inc. has launched its toothbrush made out of bamboo, a biodegradable material abundant in Southeast Asia.  A first in the Philippines, this bamboo toothbrush is developed in an effort to help preserve the environment as opposed to the conventional toothbrush made of non-biodegradable plastic material.



The Toothbrush Movement founders Xyrell, Mark and Nathaniel 

Minka MXN, Inc.’s co-founder Mark Rivera, together with his childhood friends, Xyrell Mallonga and Nathaniel Camat, spearheaded the development of this eco-friendly toothbrush to support their project, “The Toothbrush Movement.”  This project was born after seeing the condition in Southern Africa where children experience poor oral health care with no proper dental care provided to them. The term “Minka” was actually derived from a South American term meaning “collaborating together for a common purpose.”



“The goal is to spark this movement around the world, but what better place to start (than) at my mother land,” says California resident and Fil-Am co-founder Mark Rivera.

Aside from saving the environment, “The Toothbrush Movement” aims to use 10% of its revenue to social projects such as building dental clinics in places with no such facilities. The other 5% goes to the chosen charity for the month. Recently, the team was able to volunteer and donate to the Blessed Caterina Cittadini Foundation, Inc. in San Pedro, Laguna and is looking forward to do the same for The Virlanie Foundation soon.




Precious Lara Quigaman and her husband Marco Alcaraz

 Precious Lara Quigaman and her husband Marco Alcaraz  supporting the Toothbrush Movement



When In Manila, support this movement and help provide for brighter smiles and better dental care for many Filipinos. Purchase a toothbrush now and be part of The Toothbrush Movement by visiting! Enter the code “When in Manila” upon purchase and you will get  Php 10 discount! 


 The Toothbrush Movement



The Toothbrush Movement: Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush for a Cause!

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