UberX vs GrabCar: Which One is Cheaper?

Without a doubt, transportation apps like Uber and GrabTaxi have made all of our lives easier and more stress-free. Sometimes, though, when we decide to book one of these vehicles, we feel torn over which one to get. The age-old question tends to arise: which one will save us the most money?

Well, fortunately for us, the amazing brain of netizen Lope Beltran II came up with these cool graphs on UberX and GrabCar to help us out:

UberX vs GrabCar graphs

UberX vs GrabCar graphs

In his Facebook post, Lope said:

So what’s cheaper, UberX or GrabCar?

Made a little graph regarding the price difference of both services in terms of GrabCar’s per km rate and UberX’s per km + per min rate. Since Uber’s per minute rate is dependent on the speed/traffic of the ride, I added the average speed of an Uber ride in the graph. So depending on the average speed from pickup point to destination, we can compute the total time of the ride.

From the graph, we can see that UberX is more expensive than GrabCar if the average speed of the UberX ride (EDSA carmageddon) is less than 15km/h.

UberX price computation:
Base Fare = P40.00
Per Kilometer = P5.70
Per Minute = P2.00
*Distance in km and Ave_Speed in km/h

GrabCar price computation:
P40 + (Distance * P15.00)
Base Fare = P40.00
Per Kilometer = P15.00


How cool is that? We wish we could come up with helpful and cool stuff like this when we’re bored! What do you think about these graphs? 🙂

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