Type A Delivers Their Panama-Bean Cold Brew Coffee Straight to You

Written by Joseph Cesar
Photos by Ian Esteves

Coffee is one of those things that seems simple at base level—I mean, how complicated can it be? All it is, is a bitter glass of caffeine right? Well, not exactly. Coffee in itself can take different forms and can be made in many creative ways —hot, cold, with cream, without cream, so on and so forth. Making coffee can be an art in itself.

Apart from this, coffee beans from different parts of the world mean they have different things to offer—a balance between acidity, bitterness, and mouthfeel to name a few. But despite that, coffee doesn’t have to be intimidating. That’s what I learned from Type A.

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Type A is a cold brew specialty coffee started by siblings who all found their passion in coffee by going around the world, witnessing and experiencing the unique flavors each coffee bean has to offer. But traveling around the world isn’t exactly the most convenient and practical way to get a cup of joe.

Hence, Type A was established—to serve as a friendly introduction to those new to coffee, and as a bridge for coffee enthusiasts and their daily fix. Most of all, you can taste their delicious concoctions without having to leave your home. All you need to do is place your order, and they’ll bring the experience to you.


While traveling around the world, the siblings tasted coffee beans from Panama and it truly left a mark on them. They fell in love with its dark chocolate acidity, mandarin orange sweetness, and caramel finish. Wanting to impart the same experience to everyone, they chose Panama beans as the base for their coffee in Type A.

They have a stall in The Alley, Makati where you can chill with your friends and try out their unique cold brew flavors that all come from the same base. They have coffee infused soda water, and an alcoholic coffee beverage!


But for those who want to have a bottle ready in their homes, offices, or wherever else, delivery is also available. No one is safe from a busy and hectic schedule, making their delivery service a saving grace.

Their subscription service provides you with refills that’ll keep you caffeinated for weeks to come. After all, their bottle makes up to 18 servings. But if their preset subscriptions isn’t for you, you can customize your own—specifying refills, or any special requests that best suits you.



Now, coffee isn’t for everyone, but perhaps a glass of smooth, slightly sweet cold brew with the right amount of bitterness during the hot weather will change your mind. Don’t just take my word for it though, be sure to try it out yourself, too.

Type A Cold Brew Coffee

The Alley at Karrivin, 2316 Chino Roces Ave, Makati
E-mail: type-a@can.ph