Turn up the Love: A Charity Dinner at The Luxent Hotel on Nov 24






 Children of Santiago Apostol Inc or CoSAI started with the desire of friends to help the children in Ibaan, Batangas. It all started with the question, “How can we help the Children of Ibaan?” and since then as they say, the rest is history. CoSAI started in 2010 from a simple vision to be of help and impart a positive change in the lives of the children in Ibaan. Since majority of the stockholders of the Organization lives in Ibaan they have decided to build an Organization that would help in addressing the needs of the indigent children in Ibaan, Batangas. The Stockholders and Board of Trustees of CoSAI are private individuals who yearn to help and be a blessing to others. These are professionals who in their own earnings and simple life never cease to share their blessings and these people finds pleasure in making the less fortunate ones especially the children happy. In the two years that CoSAI has been operational, the group is proud to have activities that really made an impact into the lives of its beneficiaries. The genuine smiles in the faces of the Children are incomparable. The bliss that it brought into the hearts of the CoSAI members is irreplaceable. No amount of money can equate on the satisfaction that the members felt in their heart knowing that they were able to help in their own way.  CoSAI is driven by their mission to improve and uplift the quality of life of the underprivileged Filipino people and enthused by their vision to give hope, inspiration and guidance to the society. CoSAI continuously create and execute activities to fulfill their commitment to impart a positive change in the society, the group believes that Children are the future of our country that’s why they should be given utmost attention and care.  With these relentless activities, CoSAI got the nod of an International Organization Para SA Bata. Now, CoSAI is the official Philippine partner of Para Sa Bata Organization. Para Sa Bata is based in New Jersey USA. As the years passes by CoSAI also dreams to be of help and lend a hand to other children in other parts of the country. Their goal to help does not stop in Ibaan as the group knows that there are children in the rest of our country that also needs assistance and it is something that CoSAI would gladly give. With this is mind, CoSAI officially adopted Munting Hiling Program this year. Through the Munting Hiling adoption the reach of CoSAI increased. This is a good avenue for the group to get in touch with other indigent children. As the scope and area widens, the opportunity to help also increases. The adoption also gives the group the chance to implement year-round charity activities that could be of help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  The group believes that no amount is too little or too big for someone who is really eager to help. The willingness to share is something that is found in the heart.



As we keep on to attain our mission, we, together with WhenInManila.com who is awarded as the #1 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010 and just recently was named as one of the Rotary Club’s 10 Tourism Awardees for 2012 as our official Media Partner are having an activity that we know could really be of help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Through WhenInManila.com’s good heart and desire to share their wonderful blessings we know that we have a hand to help us make our dream to be of help and impart a positive change in other peoples’ lives a reality.  Christmas season is just around the corner, many of us are busy thinking of where to spend our Christmas break… Some are busy looking for Christmas gifts for their love ones… These thoughts keeps on lingering in our minds but did it ever cross our mind that while we are busy looking forward to the Christmas Season, a number of our brothers and sisters are wondering how will they survive another Christmas Season or will they still be able to endure their everyday life? Simple things for us are grand for them; the things that we think we can live without, for them could be their only way to survive. We believe that helping in our own simple way will go a very long way.  Christmas is the season of sharing and celebrations, as we celebrate this joyous occasion may we also be reminded of our less fortunate brothers and sisters that needs our help. Let us help and share in any way we can. We never know the money or in-kind that we share with them could be their last chance for survival.  Make a child and/or a family joyful this Christmas.    



Together with CoSAI and WhenInManila.com let us TURN UP THE LOVE and start making a family happy this Christmas. On November, 24, 2012, we, the Children of Santiago Apostol, Inc. together with WhenInManila.com as our official media partner are inviting you to share a very momentous night with us. A night where in our own little way will make a way to start and impart a difference in the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. This Charity Dinner will benefit the Dumagat Community in Rodriguez Rizal, Indigent children in Ibaan, Payatas and Tondo. A little aid can go a long way. As we save up for all the things we intend to buy for the coming season, may we find it in our heart to give a little for our brothers and sisters.



Come and join us in Turn Up the Love-A Charity Dinner, November 24, 2012, 7:00PM at Luxent Hotel, Timog Quezon City.



Turn up the Love and have a Happy Heart this Christmas.   






Turn up the Love: A Charity Dinner at The Luxent Hotel on Nov 24