TRYP by Wyndham: Your Newest Staycation Destination in Pasay  

*Other photos owned by TRYP by Wyndham

Pasay is a good destination to be in.  It is an area of many points of interests like the Mall of Asia and NAIA. If you’re looking for a place to stay, this area has one new hotel to offer that will make you appreciate Pasay even more: TRYP by Wyndham. 04Tryp by Wyndham 1

TRYP by Windham is a lifestyle hotel brand of the Wyndham Hotel Group—a company with over 100 properties in the world! If you know Microtel Inn and Suites, that’s their sister company, so you can expect the same impeccable quality (if not more) that gave the hotel what it’s known for.  

Although you can expect some similarities with Microtel Inn and Suites, there are numerous differences when it comes to TRYP by Wyndham. Since it is the first of its kind in the Philippines, it provides a refreshingly new and exciting staycation experience.   

TRYP by Wyndham is new in a lot of ways. First of all, their décor is unlike any other. Some hotels may offer a classy and sophisticated ambiance, but what they embody instead is a futuristic-retro feel with earthy tones. Upon checking in, you’ll be impressed by the design of their lobby and you’ll pretty much be impressed all throughout your stay.04IMG20180317163518

You will also be in awe of the beauty of Manila Bay no matter where you are in the hotel. Particularly in their lounge, the view is outstanding as you unwind comfortably in their café. Manila Bay can also be seen on every floor through the window glass by the elevator and it’s so cinematic, you’;; want to take pictures to capture teach beautiful moment. When you go to the roof deck, you’ll almost get a 360 view of the area, too, so it’s not a bad place to watch the sunset or the fireworks at SM Mall of Asia during the weekends. 

Now, this might be the defining factor of your staycation at TRYP by Wyndham: their rooms feel very personal. By that, I mean they’re very homey – not in a cabin-with-a-fireplace kind of homey, but more like being in your own luxurious condominium unit. From the interiors to the spaciousness, you have the liberty to enjoy all of it in whatever way you want to—and that makes it personal. Each guest gets their own unique experience, but with the same satisfaction in the end.

TRYP by Wyndham has 9 room types overall, but here are three of our favorites:  

The Sunset Suite

This room gets its name for facing the Manila Bay, making you experience a sunset show right in your very room. Just open the blinders of the glass wall and, lo and behold, you’ll be greeted by the golden light.  04IMG20180318100314 1

The Sunset Suite has one king bed, a spacious living area, and two TVs.   

The Family Room

The Family Room is children-friendly as it is big enough for a family of four. They have ample space with one queen bed and a bunk bed for kids. Instead of availing of an extra mattress, TRYP by Wyndham wants to bring families closer together with the utmost convenience and style.

 04Tryp by Wyndham

Of course, a group of friends may check in here, too, but the last room will make you want to book in the hotel ASAP.  

The Loft

You’re probably amazed by the fact that a hotel has loft rooms; it just goes to show how spacious TRYP by Wyndham is. All 191 rooms in the hotel are efficiently planned, thus making it possible to construct rooms like this. 04IMG20180317164615

Perfect for large groups, this beautiful Loft has one queen bed, a living room area on the ground floor, and three bunk beds on the upper level. The couch by the window is also very comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing, making it a nice place to just lie down and gaze at the view as you fall asleep. 04IMG20180317164606

Take note that all rooms come with flat screen HDTV, Mini Refrigerator, Coffee-Making Facility, Safety Deposit Box, and Wi-Fi Access.

The Rooftop Swimming Pool and Encaramada Bar

What makes TRYP by Wyndham an ideal location is that the weather is relatively cooler. With the soft breeze of the bay and winds coming from all directions, it’s always a good idea to swim or even just sunbathe.

If you’re avoiding the sun, the pool is open until 10PM; a night dip will surely wake your senses with its cool water.   04IMG20180317170705

The Encaramada Bar is located in the same area and it will open sooner than you think. They’ll be serving different kinds of drinks to allow you to beat the heat in a delicious way.   

The Fitness Center


TRYP by Wyndham does not want to make their fitness center intimidating for their guests. As such, they went for a minimalist concept with simple cardio machines and a rack of dumbbells—no more, no less. If you feel that it’s too humid to go outside to work out, their Fitness Center is the place to be. With the right exercises, you’ll be able to perform whole-body training anytime.   

Milagritos All-Day Dining

Of course, no hotel is complete without its in-house restaurant. Milagritos All-Day Dining specializes in innovated bar chow. We tried their salted egg chicken skin, octopus and potato platter, and fresh squid calamari; and it was sinfully pleasurable to eat.04IMG20180317172725

This is where their breakfast buffet is held, as well. They have an assortment of food, all of which are scrumptious.   



Meeting Spaces

Conveniently, there are also meeting spaces located in the hotel on the 2nd and 3rd floors for businessmen who check in. It’s a fact that a lot of businessmen check in at hotels in Pasay for a meeting or an event, and TRYP by Wyndham saw this as an opportunity to offer meeting rooms for the convenience of their guests. 04Tryp by Wyndham 9

TRYP by Wyndham is definitely a refreshing place to spend a night or more.Redefine how staycations should be and create lasting personal memories. Better call and book a room now before it gets full!

TRYP by Wyndham

Seaside Boulevard, Corner J.W. Diokno Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay

  840 8000