Try These 7 Coffee Hangout Spots in Salcedo While They’re HOT!

Gone are the days of mass produced coffee where Filipinos were limited to 3-in-1 sachets. With major labels growing in the Philippine market, coffee choices became more varied from the quintessential espresso to the more adventurous pumpkin spice latte.

Now, a new culture of coffee-educated yuppies has mushroomed from the millennial generation, giving new life and raising the bar of what we know of coffee. Salcedo Village is one of the many neighborhoods that merge residential and office spaces. Thus, transforming it into the hipper parts #WhenInMakati where you’ll easily find “indie” coffee shops that serve specialty coffee at reasonable prices.

7. Toby’s Estate

An Australian specialty coffee chain known for their single origin coffee straight from the owner’s estate in Panama, Toby’s Estate has easily rivaled commercial coffee chains in Metro Manila. The Salcedo branch makes a wonderful alternative work space with its ample lighting and sprawling space, a welcome revision to their other stores around the metro. Quick meals including sandwiches and breakfast are also served to go with their third wave coffee selections (tip: order the off-menu Gibraltar, made with two shots of ristretto and milk).


G/F V Corporate Center, L.P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 851 9487

6. Cartel Coffee & Deli

This fairly new neighborhood find is conveniently secluded in the quieter roads of Salcedo. The concept of Cartel is a marriage between the convenience of a take-out deli and the indulgence of a village café. Carrying a selection of items that range from salads to chocolate truffles to-go, the deli and café has merged with labels like Holy Carabao and Belge & Co. You choose your bread from an array of types, and then pick your protein and fillings. While there is a take-out aspect to it, guests are also encouraged to sit a while and casually dine while sipping on their coffee brews from Yardstick.


Photo from: Cartel

119 L.P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati
(02) 722 8270

5. Narrative Coffee Co.

Having started through a crowd funding campaign, Narrative Coffee Company uses specialty coffee that is “rare and unique to the Philippines.” Tucked in a co-working office space, you can easily grab a cup and go, or have a full-on meeting in the space while sipping blends that integrate beans from Ethiopia, Benguet and Honduras. Narrative doesn’t serve food just yet, but does carry Christine’s Banana Bread and Theo & Philo Chocolate Bars.


Photo from: Narrative

Unit 1C, Alpha Salcedo Condominium,
Salcedo Village, Makati
(0917) 325 9367

4. Where’s Marcel?

Another specialty coffee chain from Australia, their first flagship store opened in Ortigas last year. So successful was that branch that they finally opened another in Salcedo. Where’s Marcel? specializes in high quality beans that they roast themselves (in their Australian warehouse) and various brewing methods from siphoning to the Aeropress. The café also offers quick bites like sandwiches, pasta and salads conceptualized by Chef Sau del Rosario, as well as dessert options made by Chef Christine Paredes to go with their coffee.


Photo from: Where’s Marcel?

G/F, GF & Partners Building, 139 H. V. Dela Costa Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City

3. Caffe Bene

South Korea’s top coffee chain has a branch in Salcedo where you can feast on Korean bingsu and still have your caffeine fix. The café uses beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia and prides itself for roasting on their own. While coffee is the main attraction, they also have small meals like pasta, sumptuous pastries, waffles and Italian gelato on their menu. The ambiance is relaxed and quiet, attributing it to the location of the café at the back of the building.


Photo from: Caffe Bene

G/F, Multinational Bancorp Center, Valero Access Road 4,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(02) 511 1435

2. DiCofi Vietnamese Café

This Vietnamese café serves authentic cà phê sữa đá using Robusta beans for a quick wake-up call after a few sips. A bit easy to miss because of its tiny space and simple signboard, it can fool any guest with its quaint interiors. Vietnamese expats frequent this café for coffee or even a quick bite among their food selection of rice meals, bahn mi, and the raved Vietnamese pizza.


Photo from: DiCofi

Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(0917) 651 3951

1. Wildflour Café & Bakery

A popular foodie haven for practically everything on their menu, most guests go here to dine. From their breakfast items to the pastas, the menu is very well-composed, and thus easily raved about despite the prices. Although they have numerous a la carte choices, Wildflour also has delicious coffee to go with their selection of freshly baked pastries and breads.


V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(02) 808 7072

The coffee landscape in the Philippines is greatly shifting from quick fixes to one that lets you savor every factor of the cup, which also means a wider palate to satisfy. And it’s better too; with more demand for farm-to-cup coffee, more farmers benefit directly while the local industry continues to innovate itself for the future.


With almost 60,000 establishments around the Makati CBD area, your dining choices are limitless, and that includes getting a cup of coffee where you want and how you want it. Living in the Salcedo area makes your options accessible and convenient. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood is The Ellis, which offers creative individuals a respite and a work space altogether right at the center of the bustling city of Makati. The only limits to your creativity is your imagination. Tweaking the conventional elements of condo living and customizing spaces perfect for visionaries, The Ellis caters to the passionate and free-willed looking for a home right at the heart of the business district.

Know any other coffee shops around the Salcedo neighborhood you frequent? Let us know below!