Tribu Babaylan: Explore the Philippines in the Most Delicious Way Possible

Each province in the Philippines has its own specialty. Take Cebu’s lechon, for example. Its deliciousness is not at par with any other places that make roasted pork; you literally have to go to Cebu just to taste the best of the best. And that’s the beauty of it: going to different places just to truly experience their cuisine.  Tribu Babaylan

Exploring all of the provinces in the Philippines, however, can be pretty time- and money-consuming. The good news is that one restaurant is bringing all of the local specialties under one roof: check out Tribu Babaylan 

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Tribu Babaylan is a Filipino buffet-restaurant located at Quezon City. They just opened last March and they take pride in their wide selection of dishes representing LuzViMin. The ones they serve are inspired from different provinces, but they also add their own twists to make them more memorable for the guests. Tribu Babaylan

Upon entering, you will instantly feel the authenticity of the restaurant through its native decor. The outfits of the servers make it even more believable; you’ll feel like you’re actually part of a tribe under the rule of a Datu and the Babaylan. From the food to the ambiance, the owner has a mission of promoting the beautiful diverse culture of the  Philippines. Tribu Babaylan

Tribu Babaylan offers a buffet at an amazingly affordable price. Their lunch buffets (only from Friday to Sunday) are only Php399 and their dinner buffet (daily) is only priced at Php449! With over 60 dishes (each with a unique taste at that!), I’d say that’s already a steal!   Tribu Babaylan

If you’re not heavy on buffets, they also have an a la carte menu. Some consist of items from the buffet and some are exclusively available on the a la carte menu. Regardless, the servings from this menu are bigger and more specialized by the chef. Take a look at what we ate: 

Tribu Babaylan

Lumpia Cones

This is Tribu Babaylan’s version of Lumpiang Ubod. You typically see them served fresh; but in this restaurant, their deep-fried with a Chorizo filling sided with Frozen Sinamak. Tribu Babaylan

Angus Bistek

Bistek is a true Filipino classic. To take it up a notch, they use Angus meat and add some potato croquettes to balance out the savory sauce. Tribu Babaylan

Piaparan Shrimp

If you’re a seafood lover, this dish will not disappoint. Piaparan Shrimp is a Maranao specialty, which has chili garlic shrimp cooked with toasted curry sauce. The explosion of flavors in this one will be something you’ll crave for! Tribu Babaylan

Chicken Piyanggang

Coming all the way from Sulu, Chicken Piyanggang is a Tausug cuisine. They spice the chicken with turmeric and serve it in black coconut curry sauce. This dish is rich in spices and herb, allowing you to really taste the local flavors Mindanao is known for.  Tribu Babaylan

Pugon Bellychon

You can never go wrong with Lechon. You will enjoy each bite of this tender meat with its perfectly contrasted texture and its oh-so-crispy skin. You have three different sauces (applesauce, soy vinegar, and rebusado) to enjoy it even more. This is a must-try!  

Tribu Babaylan

For refreshments, they have different fresh juices like their tamarind juice – a local drink to match with your local food favorites! Tribu Babaylan

Now you’re probably craving for Filipino food… can’t blame you! With food like this, it’s bound to be a feast. Just head on to Tribu Babaylan and experience the Philippines one bite at a time!

Tribu Babaylan

102 Lot A and B, Sct. Dr. Lazcano St, Diliman, Quezon City

Buffet Schedule: 

Lunch – Friday to Sunday: 11:30AM to 2PM  

Dinner – Daily: 6:30PM to 9PM 


Instagram: @tribubabaylan