Tribe of Tees: I Am Who I Am Because of Who We All Are

When in Manila, get out and Tribe as Tribe of Tees, a crowd-sourced t-shirt company that was started in 2011 by Jiggs Baarde and Tomas Gomez, launched their new and improved website last May 19 at Craft Pub and Grill in Bonifacio Global City, where the event featured independent artist groups and companies like Defiance, Doodled Tees, Dnache, TigaSouth, and FY. The theme of the evening was called Ubuntu, an African word for community that suggests the notion of I Am Who I Am Because of Who We All Are, which embraces the idea of identity and begins in an environment where art, music and design are appreciated.






The event also included a t-shirt exhibit, t-shirt silk screening booths, live street art, a shirt sale, and showcased great music from bands like Top Junk, Nameless Heroes, and Craft’s regular Party Rock Saturdays band, Aspen Way.





Tribe of Tees highlights the bold personalities of the youth and welcomes artists of the same wavelength to share their creativity and be one with their crowd. With the launching of the new website that incorporated a simple “submit and vote” feature, and was established on the basis of networking, interpersonal relationships, and a common vision about what life is supposed to be, the brand truly creates something inspiring for its unique breed of individuals.


Nameless Heroes



While the t-shirt exhibits, silk screening booths, and live street art were taking place, Top Junk opened the night with their original songs that immediately pumped up the audience. They were followed right after by Nameless Heroes, and the finale was of course, Aspen Way. All the while, Tiger Beer was served to everyone who participated in the launch. It was definitely a good evening with friends, which encompasses the Tribe of Tees theme.



When in Manila, check out the cool and unique designs of Tribe of Tees and get updates on their latest events and design contests!



Tribe of Tees 



Tribe of Tees: I Am Who I Am Because of Who We All Are

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