Treston Health Club: 5 Reasons To Love BGC’s Newest Fitness Center

Finding the right gym for you can be a tedious, trial-and-error process. With a variety of franchises to choose from in Metro Manila, each gym offers its own benefits – whether it’s group exercise classes, a worldwide brand name, or a signature exercise program. 

Located at the 4th Floor of Treston International College (just a stone’s throw away from Market! Market!), Treston Health Club is right smack in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila’s evolving business and lifestyle hub.  

What I love about the place is that Treston Health Club offers something different. From its facilities to its fitness programs, everything is tailored with you, the member, in mind. From the first day I stepped into this gym, I was sold. I told my friends and colleagues about it, who tried it out and loved it as well. We’ve tried so many different gyms but we couldn’t stop raving about Treston! Here’s why: 

5. Complete Fitness Equipment and Spacious Facilities 

Everything looks brand new, top of the line, and in excellent condition. Treston Health Club is not a big gym, but the equipment is evenly spaced out so you never feel cramped (cramped gyms are my pet peeve! I want to workout in peace!). Best of all, equipment is complete. From cardio machines, weights, TRX bands, mats, foam rollers and more, everything you could possibly need to reach your fitness goals is already at hand. 

4. FREE Training Programs 

Yes, you read that right. Training programs (from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Weight Loss, and Weight Gain) come with your membership fee. The gym’s resident coach is always available to guide and help anyone with their fitness goals. 

In photo: Best coach ever Coach Ton giving us a good stretch after a killer workout

3. Use of the Fitness Studio and Combat Room 

If you’re looking for a different workout pace, you can make use of the Fitness Studio for dance, yoga, or pilates. Try the Combat Room if you’re looking for something fast-paced (TRX bands are available for use!) Usage of the fitness rooms are only allowed when there are no on-going group classes. 

Group classes are not part of the membership fee, but members enjoy discounted rates to various group classes from some of Manila’s top instructors. Classes include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, TRX, Krav Maga, and more. 

2. Spa-like Locker Room Facilities 

Walking into Treston Health Club’s locker room is like walking into a spa facility. Impeccably clean, modern and furnished with everything you need. I love how I can unwind at the Steam and Sauna room after every workout! 

I used to hate taking a shower after working out because the locker rooms can be less than desirable, but I am in love with the facilities of Treston! Hotel-quality bathrooms and showers. 

Whatever you need, they got it. The showers have soap, shampoo and conditioner. The sinks have mouthwash. There’s lotion, powder, hairbrush and hairdryers. Just bring your clothes! 

Forgot your towel, robe, or slippers? No problem. For a very minimal fee (i.e. P50 for a towel), Treston Health Club can lend you one. 

I always hated having to bring my own padlock and keys for gym locker rentals. At Treston Health Club, they provide you key bracelets to make sure your fitness experience is as convenient as possible. 

1. Treston Health Spa

Yes, you read that right. Treston Health Club features a spa where you can enjoy body scrubs, body massages, manicures, pedicures, and more! Watch out for my next review to find out more about their spa services. 


Treston Health Club offers FREE trial sessions for first-timers, so if you’re around the area try them out and experience a gym whose goal is you. Check out their summer promo valid only until May 18, 2015

Treston Health Club

University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road, Taguig

(02) 819 6184


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