Munch Manila: Low-Carb Diet Delivery Service

Did you know that it’s possible to cut unhealthy carbs and processed foods from your meals without feeling like you’re dieting at all? WhenInManila.com reviews Munch Manila, the newest ketogenic-paleo diet delivery service to hit the Metro. 




Munch Manila is influenced by multiple cuisines from Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, Latin-American, Spanish, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean to Middle-Eastern. They only use healthy oils such as coconut and olive, as well as organic ingredients with meat prepared fresh daily. What’s good about this program is that they get the best from different diet systems like calorie counting, paleo, and ketogenic and apply it to their own custom meal plan. 




Munch Manila founder Mark Dee started the business after his own personal experience with the low-carb paleo diet and how it helped him lose extra weight without sacrificing great-tasting food. “I wanted to share my experiences and educate Filipinos on how to eat good food and lose weight at the same time,” shares Mark. “With obesity and diabetes on the rise, there is no other way but to prevent it from happening and that is why I created this service to make sure that people can still eat restaurant quality food that’s healthy at the convenience of their home or office. No need to cook or plan meals just heat and eat!” 




As for my two-week experience with Munch Manila, I found that I felt better, stronger, lighter. Despite keeping carbohydrates to a minimum, I never felt low on energy. In fact, my workouts were more effective and I never bloated after meals – a problem I always had even if I had only a small serving of processed carbs. (Don’t forget to complement a healthy diet with a workout regimen!) 




Best part of all, the meals were sumptuous, delicious, and fresh. The Munch Manila delivery personnel were always courteous and on time. They have two options for you to choose from: Munch Lite (budget-friendly package) priced at P2,200/week and their best seller, Munch Premium priced at P3,000/week. 



Filipinos love their rice, but I highly suggest you give the ketogenic-paleo diet a try. Munch Manila is definitely one of the more promising diet delivery services in town. Book a slot with them today! 


Munch Manila