Treats for Two at Tokyo Bubble Tea

With just a day shy of Valentine’s Day, boyfriends are usually tested with questions from their girlfriends. “Where will we eat?” “Did you call to make a reservation?” All the usual sorts of details that reveal just how much planning was done for February 14.

Still stumped with where you and your partner could dine in? Here’s an option that might just tickle your bubble tea taste buds.

Tokyo Bubble Tea Interiors

Tokyo Bubble Tea has always been an affordable favorite among those looking to satisfy their hunger pangs. The restaurant boasts of unique maki plates, yummy pasta dishes, and tasty milk tea drinks.

From February 12 to March 8, customers can avail of the Yoshoku Valentine’s Treat for the low cost of P1,143.00! The meal comes with two servings of Miso Soup, one limited edition Maki, two Yoshoku big plates, two medium milk teas, and two Tokyo Bubble Tees. (Choice of big plates, milk teas, and tees are dependent on the customer.)

Miso Soup

Start your meal with a serving of Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Miso Soup, which is bound to warm you and your partner up. The Miso includes a serving of seaweed and tofu, and is a light start to the Valentine’s meal ahead.

Limited Edition Maki

Rolled inside the Maki is a breaded pork fillet that comes with a crunch. Slices of cheese lie atop the rice, which is then decorated with even more bits of the breaded pork. 

Milk Tea

Pick the Taro Milk Tea if you’re feeling a little adventurous. It’s one of the restaurant’s best sellers and has only the slightest hint of taro — not too much that it’s overpowering, but still significant enough to taste it in the drink.

Chicken Katsu with Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Katsu with Mushroom Sauce

The soft chicken fillet is comes with such a crisp breading that it’s almost addicting to bite. The meal is accompanied with a sunny side egg, that still holds a bit of the yolk’s softness. Do yourself a favor and pierce the yolk in the center to have the egg run down to the garlic rice nestled below it. Yum!

Aloha Sesama Sauce Glazed Salmon

Aloha Sesame Sauce Glazed Salmon

This has to be one of the best big plate offerings in the Yoshoku Valentine’s Treat. The fresh salmon is nicely charred and the grilled pineapple brings out the sweetness of the fruit. The dish comes with a choice of either garlic rice or mashed potato, but it’s recommended to choose the latter instead of the former.

Osaka BBQ Ribs

Osaka BBQ Ribs

The grilled pork ribs are glazed with an Osakan hickory barbecue sauce. This helps keep the meat sweet and soft – it practically permeates every crevice of the pork. The sprinkling of sesame seeds adds a nice touch of flavor as well.

Hamburg Steak with Demi Glace

Hamburg Steak with Demi Glace

The winner of this dish has to be the caramelized onions found between the hamburg and the egg. If you can, ask for more of it. You’ll want it in every bite, trust me.

Yoshoku Valentine's Trea

Yoshoku Valentine’s Treat

Get started on your February 14 date with Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Yoshoku Valentine treat! Don’t forget to make a reservation to ensure seats for you and your special someone! 

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