Transparency in the Military

When in Manila, there is transparency in the Military.




“The truth is, Majority of our Public Servants are honest”

 -Arnel Paciano D. Casanova, Esq (President and CEO of Bases Conversion and Development Authority/BCDA)




Major DondiPambid

“We have the most transparent Military System

to the point that the Road-map showing its 18-year plan is accessible to the public.

 –  Major Dondi Pambid (AFP, Assistant Chief of Academy Staff for Education, Plans and Programs, MA5 at Philippine Military Academy & A21 Young Leader, Tokyo 2008)


Atty Lesley Cordero


“What can an ordinary Filipino do for the Country?  

For one, Uplift the dignity of our men and women in uniform” 

-Atty. Lesley Cordero (Undersecretary, Office of the Cabinet)


Last September 24, 2013, the Asia Society Philippine Foundation held a talk on Transparency in the Military as part of their Asia 21 Discussion from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Yulo Caseroom, AIM Conference Center. Participants varied from several young writers, civilians, Asia Society Members and military personnel. The three speakers talked about their particular goals in their own organizations all aiming to serve and help our military body in their own ways.

Transparency in the Military6

BCDA ( Bases Conversion and Development Authority)

                  Transparency in the Military2

Transparency in the Military3

BCDA aims to Protect AFP Assets and Resources. They address issues in the military including corruption and other effects of adventurism including politics, internal strife, inefficient use of resources and the need for civilian support of our military personnel. One of the things addressed on the talk was about Recovering Jusmag which is a 35.5 hectare military reservation located at Lawton Ave. Fort Bonifacio Taguig and all other lands allocated for the housing project of our military personnel.

BCDA’s current project is The Modernization House Fund where all other camps will be developed with further utilization and conversion of unused areas  for housing, agricultural use or preservation. BCDA has been bringing in enormous revenues that benefits our soldiers from year 1992. 


  ARMY Vision

Army Core1

By 2028, A vision of becoming a world Class Army that is a source of National Pride with their Army Core Purpose: “Serving the people securing the land”. The Road map is an 18 year plan to expand the role of the army. This started from the ground roots and up from the Military Academy when it was implemented influencing cadets up to all the serving soldiers from the different parts of the country and up to their highest ranking Generals.  

And it did not end there. Its now time for us to take part and be acquainted.

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