Transparency in the Military

Do you know anyone who is serving the military? A former classmate, a friend, a neighbor or a relative perhaps? As Atty. Arnel Casanova said, majority of our government officials are good,  mentioning about how he witnessed hardcore dedication from our soldiers every time he visited them in their assigned areas in the country including the far flung areas in Mindanao.

The Road Map can be accessed through https://www.army.mil.ph/ATR2028.pdf. And you can also read more about it through its wordpress blog at https://atr2028.wordpress.com/. And you can follow them on twitter and like their page on facebook.

Together we can defend our defenders as Asia 21’s discussion forum as themed for this particular series.

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What else can we do?

 Transparency in the Military4

What can we do? 

The public is invited to participate to the success of this vision. Again, its time to defend our defenders.

Here’s how:

1. Help/Support through Social Media

One of the initiatives of PCOO or Presidential Communication Operations Office is to tap into the new  media access through the Government Mass Media Channels. 

                       *Like their Facebook page and follow them on twitter. Share the links and spread out the news.

                        *Radio Stations and Television Channels has a one hour free airtime for advertisements on this channel. For communication, you   may contact the PCOO office. 

2. Patrionism / Nationalism/Staying Proud being a Filipino 

Anne Estoque, one of the participants of the discussion, raised out that in other countries, citizens are so proud of their soldiers. So proud in fact that they are sensitive of anyone who disrespects their Armed Forces and they give high regard to such profession. She mentioned that as Filipinos we should continue to hold high patrionism of our country. And that involves being proud of our armed forces, being respectful and giving our due support. 

3. Enlist

Even as professionals we can enlist and become reserve officials of our armed forces. Check out their website to find out more information.

4. Join the Military

For undergraduates and if you have a calling to join our Armed forces please do check out their website for more information.

5. Volunteer to help in PCOO 

 Bloggers, writters, media personnel and influential people are invited by the PCOO to take part and help out through the projects. 

As of today, PCOO are looking for volunteer civilians who would like to take part of the projects for the AFP Branding towards communities and shareholders like us.

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Transparency in the Military