Total Wellness Experts at EDSA Shangri-La, Manila’s The Health Club

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Introducing the Total Wellness Experts of Edsa Shangri-La’s The Health Club – Dietitian and Nutritionist Cheshire Que, Christian and Jesse Perkins of Perkins Tennis Training Academy, Dr. Heal Dineros Lifestyle Coach, Bubbles Paraiso Yoga Instructor, Ranessa Santos Director of the Health Club and CHI, The Spa, Coach Ria Mackay for Swimming and Triathlon Coach Norman Pascual with Under Armour Ambassador Robi Domingo.

Last January 29, 2016, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila has once again raised the bar high in promoting fitness and wellness. Through a unique Health Club concept that hasn’t been seen in the hospitality industry. The award winning facility, recently held a private launch to introduce a panel of Total Wellness Experts highlighting each of the unique selling points of the Health Club including the Chi, The Spa to support members and in-house guests to achieve their personal fitness and lifestyle goals, anchored on holistic wellness.

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The in-house coaches of Edsa Shangri-La’s the Health Club – Archie Tiangco, Erika Bergado, Apple Finolan, Vince Juan, Vicky Villajin, Michelle Narag, Justin Santos , John Gaitan

Introducing the roster of coaches – ITU certified Triathlon Coach Norman Pascual to highlight the Health Club’s triathlon facility complete with the ultimate swim bench, the Vasa Swim Ergometer, the google maps-powered Tour de France Bike, and a dedicated treadmill for running. Bubbles Paraiso is the hotel’s new yoga instructor at Chi, The Spa Yoga Studio, Swimming Coach Ria Mackay, the only Total Immersion certified school in the country for swimming classes, the Perkins twins, Christian and Jesse power duo of the Perkins Tennis Training Academy for outdoor tennis and functional fitness program by Under Armour Ambassador Elle Adda. At Edsa Shangri-La, it’s not just about the physical transformation but also nourishment of the body and the mind, the Health Club partnered with Philippine and USA Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Cheshire Que for nutritional assessment and dietary requirements of members and Lifestyle Doctor and Wellness Coach Dr. Heal Dineros.

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The Health Club Open House guests and members having fun during the spinning party.

To launch the Total Wellness Experts was a private event in partnership with Under Armour, for the Health Club’s 2-day Open House where exclusive gym membership deals were offered to guests who signed up during the event. The two action-packed days of all things about Total Wellness featured fitness activities and tips on leading a healthy and active lifestyle headed by fitness experts. Guests were encouraged to join the simultaneous pocket events, which highlighted the different facilities of the newly renovated Health Club. Activities include Introduction to Triathlon by, Total Immersion Swim Training with Coach Ria Mackay, Power Tennis with The Perkins Twins, Functional Exercises by Elle Adda and Yoga by Bubbles Paraiso. Guests were able to acquire insights, ideas and tips from professionals at the Meet the Experts session that started off with while they tried Health Club’s new Well-on-the-Go menu and recovery massage at Chi, The Spa station.

An amazing open-house only special were given to guests during the event from the Wellness Expo that covered everything needed to move, refuel and recover. It featured the biggest sporting brands – Under Armour, Speedo, Rudy Project, Klean Kanteen, Manduka, Life Fitness, Garmin, Perkins Twins Tennis Academy, 28 Black, Aqualogic Swim Co., LivLite, Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy, Klean Athlete, Storck and eIskin Laboratory.

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Mayenne Carmona, Aimee Lagman Director of Communications Edsa Shangri-La, Bubbles Paraiso, Inah Manalaysay Assistant Communications Manager.

The country’s leader in lifestyle fitness, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s Health Club pioneers the “Move, Refuel and Recover” concept, fusing state-of-the-art fitness programs with healthy food selections and the overall wellness expertise that CHI, The Spa is known for. The Health Club is a source of energy, pleasure and relaxation, which provides a way to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

For inquiries and Health Club membership, please call (632) 633 8888 Ext. 2906 or email Visit or stay connected, like, follow @edsashangrila on Twitter and @edsashangrila on Instagram. 

Total Wellness Experts at EDSA Shangri-La, Manila’s The Health Club

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