TORO Restaurant: A Marriage of Japanese and Mexican Food


WHEN IN MANILA, go to TORO Restaurant and Bar located at Taguig; and, delight your taste-buds to a marriage of flavors from Okinawa, Japan to Tijuana,  Mexico.



TORO Restaurant opened last April 2011. “It is a quaint and charming spot for anyone looking to let their senses run wild with an explosion of flavors. Indulge, relax and experience an atmospheric blend of decadence, funk and serenity. Dine like nowhere else at TORO Restaurant.”



The decor was Japanese-Mexican inspired as well. The blue-eyed Latina Geisha mural painting by Alfred Galvez will certainly bring you to a good mood as you enter the place. The painting was done on the spot – dressing up the Latina Geisha with an elaborate kimono and detailed with bullfights on the background.  



TORO Restaurant combines distinct Japanese flavors with the simplicity and vibrance of Mexican spices.” This is the first restaurant venture of the Genomal Brothers – Vinnie, Nikhiel and Shawn. “They developed the concept and teamed up with one of Philippines’ most renowned Chef, Sau del Rosario to execute this noble idea, collaborating with in-house Head Chef Ronald Malayao. TORO Restaurant challenges the norm and excites the palate by introducing an innovative way to synthesize diverse flavors.”


TORO Caesar Salad (Php 280)

3 pieces of Ebi Tempura, mesclun greens in a zesty caesar dressing


Salads are usually served with meat – mostly chicken. But Toro Restaurant used shrimp tempuras instead. This was really good. The crunchy greens were so fresh and the sauce was delicious!


Volcano Roll (Php 390)

Salmon, spicy mayo, jalapeno, deep fried with tempura batter


Warning: Toro’s Volcano Roll can be really spicy but it is extremely good! If you want to start to sweat a little, then go ahead and order this dish. The spicy salmon chunks stimulated my appetite and now I want more!


Ebi Ahi Guacamaki (Php 320)

Shrimp tempura, topped with avocado, tuna, cream cheese and honey glazed sauce



Guacamole and Japanese sushi rolled into one great makimono! 


Ebi Tempura (Php 280)


TORO Restaurant’s ebi tempura is a best-seller for kids and adults alike. 



TORO Restaurant is kid-friendly – providing crayons for kids and the whole table is covered with a huge piece of white paper, where you can doodle all you want.


Treasure Island (Php 290)

ebi tempura, crabstick, ripe mango, cream cheese and sweet potato strips


MMmmm… More rolls for us! My friends love TORO Restaurant’s makimono rolls. Kids will love the mango and sweet potato crisps, which gave this makimono roll its unique taste and texture.


Nori Chos (Php 230)

crispy nori chips topped with sweet-spicy glazed tuna and TORO’s signature yellow sauce



Think Mexican nachos served Japanese style. This is my all-time favorite among all the food in TORO’s menu. The spicy jalapeno on the tuna chunks were soooo good. TORO Restaurant’s Nori-chos was so addictive!!! One order’s not enough 🙂


Cajun Katsudon

cajun seasoned breaded pork cutlet, mixed with egg and house specialty sauce



Good news to all – TORO Restaurant is now serving RICE BOWL LUNCH SPECIALS from Monday to Friday at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm. This is perfect for those who want to get a quick yummy meal and still make it in time to the office. Hurry and grab a seat while TORO’s rice bowl promo is still ongoing!



After eating all those scrumptious rolls and appetizers, TORO Restaurant gave each of us wet towels to wipe our hands clean before we start with our main dishes. I just love the service! TORO staffs were very attentive, friendly and thoughtful. They always make sure that we are having a great time.


Toro Smoothie (Php 140) | Japanese Mojito (Php 220)

Toro Smoothie – strawberry, yogurt, orange juice

Japanese Mojito – vodka, sake, lime, mint leaves


The TORO smoothie tasted like strawberry yakult drink. It was a crowd favorite. The Japanese mojito was also good – very light and refreshing. You can also order it as NOJITO – mojito without the alcohol, which is similarly as good.


Grilled Crusted Lamb Chops (Php 450)

seared lamb chops in olive oil crusted with herbs and spices


TORO Restaurant’s lamb chops were very tender and tasty. The piquant sauce was perfectly complemented with the mashed sweet potato — I never thougth sweet potato could be this good with lamb chops! *nomnomnom*


Pan Roasted French Duck (Php 550)

thinly sliced duck topped with an authentic signature sauce


This was a meal in itself. The slices of soft duck meat oozing with sweet sauce were so good with the blanched spinach and sauteed pineapple – great meal for sharing.


And finally, the dessert….


Snicker Doodle (Php 190)

butterscotch schnapps with tequila


TORO Restaurant has plenty of desserts and some are served in shots. We tried the Snicker Doodle — it was a sweet milky cream  shot similar to Bailey’s. Yummy!



By 10pm, TORO Restaurant’s lights will dim and eclectic music gets louder. After office, come here and unwind with TORO’s great drinks that will have you coming back for more. But if you want to avail of their Php 500 DRINK-ALL-YOU-CAN Cocktail promo, drop by between 6pm-9pm from Sunday to Thursday and enjoy your drinks with TORO Restaurant’s great food selection.



TORO Restaurant also delivers within Makati and Taguig area. So if you’re stuck in the office, meeting or at home, just call TORO Restaurant to satisfy your food cravings. 


TORO Restaurant and Bar

Unit 6, Ground Floor,

One McKinley Place

4th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(They offer VALET Parking)


Open Daily:

Lunch: 11:30 am – 3 pm

Dinner: 6 pm – 12 mn


Call for Reservations / Delivery: 846-9681; 622-4568; 0917-555-8676 (TORO)

Menu: TORO Restaurant and Bar Menu





Twitter: @DineToro


WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


TORO Restaurant: A Marriage of Japanese and Mexican Food


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