Topology: The ultimate gaming apparel store!

When In Manila, gaming is one of the hobbies that is hard to kill and very very contagious. With the amounts of great games churning out the recent years, it’s not hard to find love for our favorite games and characters. Sadly, gaming apparel is a hard one to find locally. Enter Topology PH! Topology PH masters the field in bringing their high level skill in creating these amazing gaming apparel! They don’t just look cool, they are also high-level mage type quality! Check ’em out below:




As you guys can see, these are truly awesome and high quality shirts! I’ve been wearing my Final Fantasy 7 and 8 shirts and they have been getting a lot of praises for the cool design and quality! Another plus is the fact that they use good quality shirts that are very cotton-y soft and comfortable. TO be honest, as a gamer myself who often gets pre-order packs or collector’s edition packs of games, I get a ton of gaming shirts directly from the game maker, but a lot of them are cheap or not really comfortable much. Topology definitely topples even those limited edition shirts from pre-orders or collector’s editions.













Topology PH shirts can be ordered via their online page here: Topology.PH and on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/topology.ph It’s even more awesome as you have a handful of payment methods including COD! (Cash-on-delivery). So what are you guys waiting for? It’s time to level up your gaming love and get the gaming apparel that fits your style!


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