Top Ideas on How We Can Fix the Traffic Situation in Manila

We all know how bad traffic in Manila has gotten over the past few months, and last night’s traffic situation reminded everyone of that. After a few hours of rain fall, Metro Manila just went completely still – in traffic! Motorists and commuters were stuck on the road for hours just wanting to go home.  Facebook and Twitter were filled with rants of students and office workers who were just frustrated and tired.

We’d like to think the government is aware of the situation and is trying to come up with a few solutions. The Highway Patrol taking over EDSA was a good start, however, more rules need to be implemented and more changes made if we want to alleviate the traffic. A new proposed ruling on banning cars with less than 4 passengers on EDSA started going viral, enraging several citizens as this really doesn’t seem like the perfect solution for a country whose public transportation is not reliable either.

EDSA traffic*Disclaimer: Original photo posted by Jun D. Nenada


Earlier today, singer-songwriter Jim Paredes shared a few ideas that might help with the country’s traffic situation.


“Since everybody is giving suggestions about how to solve traffic, here are mine. Some are easily adaptable. Others will take years. All will require a mindset change and will to do it.

  1. Walk if destination is below 1K away. STRICTLY follow ALL traffic rules.
  2. Ride a bike when you can. Offices and malls should have shower facilities for people who bike..
  3. Let’s adopt the culture of carpooling, and sharing gas expenses. It will still be cheaper than public transportation. Look for possible partners in your neighborhood, office, school.
  4. Strengthen internet connections so ppl can skype instead of physically having to meet.
  5. Sell ‘passes’ to certain roads. Make the pass expensive.
  6. Do not allow tricycles, pedicabs, and lessen jeeps on main roads.
  7. Strictly enforce bus lanes.
  8. Get the MRT, LRT finally fixed and expand their services.
  9. Get the railroad trains running.
  10. Live carless as much as possible.
  11. Have carless areas on certain days for people to enjoy.
  12. ALL vehicles over 4 years old should be inspected by a certified mechanics before registration to make sure it is roadworthy. Any accidents caused by brake loss (the most common excuse), the mechanic inspector gets it. They do this in Aus. That’s why inspection is rigorous.”


And if that doesn’t work, here are 10 more solutions that are a little bit more RADICAL but might just be what our country needs.


“More radical solutions to traffic that will most likely not be approved by authorities.. Enforcers may never win elections or win popularity contests. But these will work.

  1. Ban Christmas season in Metro Manila. Go to the provinces if you want all that Christmas stuff.
  2. Ban religious processions and all rallies on all streets. They may do so on sidewalks, parks, and designated areas.
  3. Fine of 10K for even the most minor traffic violations. Greater fines for greater violations.
  4. For perennial, serial traffic violators, confiscate their vehicles and destroy them in front of driver.
  5. Have jails under overpasses and jail violators instantly even for a few hours..
  6. Paint cars with a big red dot on hood that are caught violating traffic rules.
  7. Post pictures of violators on big TVs on EDSA for 2 days
  8. Handcuff and put on display any traffic authority caught accepting bribes for 4 hours before they are brought to the precinct.
  9. Destroy ALL illegal structures that encroach on sidewalks the way Bayani Fernando did before. But do it more extensively..
  10. While finding ways to solve flooding in as many areas as possible, paint posts on flood prone streets to look like rulers so drivers and pedestrians know how deep the flood water is.”


So what do you think of Jim’s ideas? Think they would work? Got other ideas on how we can help fix the traffic situation in Manila?