Top 6 Manny Pacquiao Moments Outside the Ring

Manny Pacquiao may have lost to Mayweather but he’s still our Filipino champion. Even with that loss under his belt, it is undisputed that he is one of the best boxers out there. Manny is well loved the world over not just inside the boxing ring. Just what makes Pacman so endearing to his fans? 

Here are our top 6 Manny Pacquiao moments outside of the ring. 


 6. When he fooled these interviewers into thinking he was praising them.


5. When he replied to Drake’s impersonation of him by singing ‘Let it go’



4. When he was explaining something about his “Cleto Reyes gloves” but it sounded like he said something else


3. When he answered this interview with a Scottish accent


2. When he made this funny commercial with Foot Locker about the Mayweather fight


1. When he pursued professional wrestling

What are your favorite Pacman moments?