Top 5 Wedding Photographers to Look Out For

When In Manila, your wedding day marks one of the most important events in your life. As such, it is just right that you find the best photographer to capture your special day. Though there are already a lot of good and famous photographers in the market, I’m currently on the quest for a photographer that is equally or even better than these known photographers. Moreover, as our wedding date  draws nearer, I want to find a photographer who is worth every penny.

In my quest for the best wedding photographer, I’ve short-listed 5 whom I thought had excellent and stunning shots! Hopefully this list will also help those who are planning to tie the knot soon. Please note that these are NOT the only good wedding photographers, however, these are the ones I felt had more or less similar quality and style for a certain price range.


Nelwin Uy

Nelwin Uy is known for destination weddings and engagement sessions. He creatively showcases the scenic places, through his keen eye for details. He tells the story really well using this style, making clients want to travel and see those places themselves.

Nelwin Uy 01

Nelwin Uy 03


 The couple’s wedding story is also very well captured through details and candid shots. Browsing through Nelwin’s gallery, I very much enjoyed the vivid colors in his photos. His photos somehow give this beautiful glow, making even strangers smile and feel the couple’s joy in each photo.

  Nelwin Uy 02


Nelwin Uy

TEL: (02)355-0296, (02) 211-9792

MOBILE: (0917) 8060175



INVESTMENT: P110,000  for the basic package





Metrophoto is led by head photographer Oly Ruiz. Browsing through their gallery, I very much enjoyed looking through all the pre-engagement pictorials shot in various places in and out of the country.

Metrophoto 03


Their photos looked very classy, edgy and elegant with a wild touch of nature. Metrophoto’s work stands out because they always do something different, something epic and memorable. Reading through their clients’ testimonials, you’d somehow feel the joy Oly was able to deliver to these couples! I was really impressed with the angles and beautiful shots. Investment for Metrophoto starts at P150,000.


Metrophoto 02


Here’s one of their client’s testimonials, “Oly delivered far beyond my expectations. He knows how to capture exceptional shots and made us comfortable posing infront of the cam from start to end. He’s well grounded inspite of his popularity and he’s definitely my top supplier! Diane and Hero de Guzman”


Metrophoto 01



TEL: (02) 4561114




INVESTMENT: P150,000 for Oly Ruiz’s basic package



Chestknots Studio

Chestknots Studio’s style of photography is a merry mix of happy, quirky and fun shots. It’s easy to expect that the clients will receive photos that are splashed with big smiles and distinctly happy personalities. Their vibrant colors used give client’s a warm and joyful feeling.

Chestknots 03


Chestknots Studio describes themselves as a bunch of creative photographers with a goal to satisfy the hunger and passion of producing personalized experiences for their clients .  We love challenges, seek adventures, tickle the imagination and we laugh a lot..a whole lot. And not to forget have a passion for food! We are moved by stories, inspired by daily miracles and are continually amazed by how love simply moves people. Know that even before you come in front of our lenses or start a new friendship, that we have been praying for you. We know that God has molded your story and we are here to capture and enjoy it with you.”


Chestknots 02

I love how FUN and CRAZY their photos look! Browsing through their gallery, you could tell that these couples really had a fun time with Chestknots Studio!

Chestknots 01



Chestknots Studio

TEL: (02)9422226        

MOBILE: (0917)5394822, (0922)8258597



INVESTMENT:Basic package is at P68,000. They also have a LITE rate of P38,000



Benjie Tiongco

What I immediately noticed upon browsing Benjie Tiongco’s photo gallery was the way his photos captured various moments in the couple’s lives. . His photos not only show specific poses by the couple and their friends, but they show emotion, they show LOVE, they show SINCERITY. Even without knowing the couples in the pictures, I somehow am able to feel their joy. He and his team also create photos using editorial style posing for both bride and groom, making the photos look classy, edgy and elegant




One of his clients shares this beautiful testimonial on his FB page, “Picking you to be our wedding photographer is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Time will never stand still — that is why we’d like to thank you for capturing one of the most important days of our lives… and you did it so beautifully!” – Ann Culala Besalo


Benjie Tiongco 05

Besides the people and emotion, Benjie Tiongco and his team also make sure to make use of the various elements around them. Their gallery was filled with photos which seemed to come from all over the world – from nature scenes to city views to just random shots from random places. Benjie Tiongco is somehow able to capture amazing moments with crazy good angles. Regardless of how many times I’ve already seen a place, he is somehow able to find an angle that makes each scene look different.



Benjie Tiongco Photography

TEL: (02) 3544723    

MOBILE: (0927) 313 5992



INVESTMENT: P75,000 for the basic package



Pat Dy

Pay Dy is perhaps the most popular photographer in the list. He’s a veteran photographer, who has worked with plenty of celebrities through the weddings that he does as well as his commercial work.

Pat Dy 01

Pat Dy 03

His style is very elegant and sophisticated. He is able to capture stunning moments with beautiful and very detailed backgrounds. I really like how simple yet very elegant his photos look! More than just a photo, he is able to capture the emotions with every click of his camera.

Pat Dy 02



Pat Dy

TEL: (02) 7274381

MOBILE: (0909) 5548431

EMAIL:  inquire through website


INVESTMENT: P145,000 for the basic package



These are the top 5 wedding photographers I’m eying, who do you think we should go for? Who are your favorite wedding photographers? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!