Top 5 Things To Do in Manila: Capital of the Philippines’ MUST DO’s for Travelers and Tourists

Top 5 Things To Do in Manila: Capital of the Philippines’ MUST DO’s for Travelers and Tourists 

Top 5 Things To Do in Manila The Capital of the Philippines MUST DO Suggestions

When In Manila: Top 5 Things You MUST Do in the Philippines’ Capital

When in Rome …” as the old saying goes … “do as the Romans do.” On the other hand, completing the statement: “when in Manila…” may not turn out to be just a simple phrase.

See the Philippine capital city of Manila is a bit more complicated than most other places. There’s so much diversity with the culture, tastes, ideals and beliefs that you have here. So let me help you out! Manila is an old town with new adventures waiting to be experienced. Here are my recommendations for the top five things you MUST do in Manila:


5. Take it to the streets – Street Food!

You can’t ever go to an Asian country and not try their street food! I’m a firm believer that you can’t get any more authentic than street food. You need to try all the crazy concoctions from the streets of Manila like fish balls (fried fish flavor mix), betamax (cooked pigs blood shaped into cubes), isaw (chicken or pig intestines), day-old (day old chick) taho (soy milk), balut (fertilized duck embryo) and more! They might not sound like the tastiest things, but I promise you that they will definitely taste better than they sound…. well…. most of the time!

I recommend going to Mercato Central Late Night Food Market, a clean street food haven in the center of Bonifacio Global City where you can find every type of local dish you’d need to try!


4. Bargain hunting, or as I like to call it: “Competitive Shopping!”

In the Philippines, shopping isn’t just a hobby, it’s a sport, and a pretty damn competitive one at that! Shopping here is not for the faint of heart. See, when you go out to get a bargain here, you better bring your negotiation skills with you! The many stores and stalls all around the metro are filled with gizmos and trinkets aplenty, but with tough gatekeepers who can either sweep away a rookie shoppers money, or give an amazing deal to a veteran bargainer!

Shopping here is such a way of life, that they even have a unique word for doing it called: “malling,” which of course refers to going to the malls. I recommend going to the Greenhills Shopping Center for the best deals and coolest finds.

Some tips for the newbie bargainers: First, always start your negotiation price at ¼ the first price they gave you. Second, always try walking away at least once to see how low they will go.


3. Movie and a massage… at the same time!

On top of my list for my favorite things in this world include movies and massages. I mean, where else can you be swept away into a land far, far away to save princesses and battle evil wizards or  super villains? Within the doors of the movie theaters, anything seems possible. Massages on the other hand can calm stress from the devil (work boss) himself! So why is it just now that someone finally tried combining the two? The BlueWater Day Spa in San Juan Manila, is known for their movie-massage theater room. Here, you can get a full body massage and relax in their custom built lazy boy chairs while watching your favorite movies in HD! It’s a combination of awesomeness that’ll soon be as famous as peanut butter and jelly.

sunset more fun in the philippines

2. See a Manila Bay sunset

Of all my travels in all the countries all over the world, there’s just no other place that quite has a sunset like that of Manila Bay! There are no words or photos that can fully describe the beauty of a Manila Bay sunset!

So find that special someone to take with you (or find that special someone there) and head over to Manila Bay, or to the Mall of Asia (by Manila Bay) to see the world famous sun setting over Manila Bay. Don’t forget to bring your camera either!

Philippines-Volunteer-Charity-Help-Activism-Charities-gk-Gawad-Kalinga (14)

 1. Help out – Volunteer

When it comes down to it, there’s still so many things that Manila and the Philippines needs help with, especially after the recent super typhoon that flattened entire cities. Why not volunteer some of your time to help out those less fortunate than you. Not only will you help others out, but you’ll also surely realize how blessed you really are. This is something you can definitely do by yourself, with friends or with family. Lend a helping hand to one of the many local charities or organizations that are helping rebuild the lives of the over 11 million displaced people from that recent tragedy. In the end, you’ll realize that this world we live in has a funny way of thanking you for helping others. After all, what comes around, goes around, ten fold.


So next time, “when in Manila,” you need to do as the “Manilanians” do! Be sure to try out my guide and you’re sure to fully blend in and properly experience Manila like only the locals can.

 Top 5 Things To Do in Manila: Capital of the Philippines’ MUST DO’s for Travelers and Tourists


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