Top 5 Reasons Why the LG G3 is My Smartphone of Choice

Top 5 Reasons Why the LG G3 is My Smartphone of Choice

This year has been a big year for me in terms of smartphones as I got to tinker with three different ones on a regular basis. However, it is also the year that I first truly fell in love with a smartphone to the point where I felt the intense need to own one after attending its launch event. In case you missed the launch event I’m talking about, you can read it here: LG Phones: LG G3 Proves that Smartphones Don’t Need to be Complicated

As the title of my previous article says, the LG G3 is one of the (if not the) easiest smartphones to use in today’s day and age in my opinion. Aside from being easy to use, though, there are 5 other reasons why I instantly fell in love with the LG G3 and fell even more in love with it as time went by. Here they are:

Top 5 Reasons Why the LG G3 is My Smartphone of Choice

5. It looks amazing.

If you’ve seen the LG G3 in person, you will know how massive of a phone it is. While this presents a bit of a downfall for people who like to put their phones in their pockets (something that I would advise against, though, because 1. it will make you an easy target for pocket snatchers and pocket slashers and 2. phones fall out of pockets all the time, resulting in either damage or loss), I have to say that I absolutely love its size.

The big screen Quad HD 5.5-inch display is a beauty to behold! When I first got the phone, I couldn’t help but stare in awe at the eye-popping colours of the wallpaper backgrounds.


LG G3 Smartphone

As my good friend Prince put it, “Screenshots don’t do it any justice.” You need to see this display for yourself!

That aside, even its exteriors are stunning. It’s sleek and sexy and is every bit the type of phone you wouldn’t mind whipping out wherever you are.

LG G3 Smartphone 

4. It makes taking selfies so much easier.

This sounds vain, but come on: who doesn’t like taking photos for the sake of memories? If you’re always worried about being a hassle to someone by asking them to take your picture; or, even worse, if you hate asking someone to take your picture just to see that the photo is blurry afterwards; or, if you are just vain and wanna take multiple pictures but don’t wanna make it too obvious by stretching your hand out in front of you or up towards the ceiling; you will love what I’d like to call the LG G3’s ‘selfie feature’. Trust me: it will make your life easier and less in-the-spotlight.

Basically, all that you have to do is open up your palm towards the screen and the LG G3 will register this as you wanting to take a picture. Then, once you’re ready, close your hand into a fist to start the count-down timer and take the actual picture!



Awesome, huh? Just make sure you aren’t in a place that’s too public when you opt to move away from your phone. You never know when someone might run by, grab your phone and then it’s bye-bye, LG G3! Better safe than sorry!

3. It makes taking photos, in general, so much easier.

Another great photography feature on the LG G3 is the Laser Auto-Focus. The Laser Auto-Focus basically takes the distance between your phone and the subject that you’re taking a picture of and gives a sharper and quicker focus of it overall. You know how sometimes, you just wanna take quick shots? Or something happens and you want to take it without thinking too much about it coz you might miss your grand opportunity to take the shot? The Laser Auto-Focus makes sure you never miss that perfect shot.

LG G3 Smartphone

The Laser Auto-Focus is perfect for fashion shows, amongst other things.

The best part? It works at night, too, and takes crisp shots either during the day or during the night. That’s right. It auto-focuses at 280 milliseconds, no matter how dark it is, so it won’t mess up when you need it to work perfectly.

2. It adapts to your needs.

Some smartphones are a pain in the butt when it comes to texting because they always autocorrect certain words when your Dictionary is turned on or just look all messed up when your Dictionary is turned off. This usually happens coz your fingers are either too quick, too small or too fat for your phone’s keyboard.

Fortunately, the LG G3 has a Smart Keyboard with Keyboard Customization that intuitively adapts to your typing skills, so it can tell how your fingers (or, well, thumbs) work and edit your words as needed. It also has Word Edit for easy and quick correction.

LG G3 Smartphone 

1. It has innovative security measures.

The LG G3 has innovative security measures for those who hate getting Twitter and Facebook raped; for those who hate people snooping around their phones, in general; and for those who want to get back at phone thieves. LG G3’s Smart Security comes with the LG’s signature Knock Code, for example, which you can use to unlock your phone by tapping your personalized password onto the screen. It doesn’t matter where you tap – as long as you have the right code, it will work. Tried and tested!



The phone also has Content Lock, which can keep certain files hidden from view whenever other people use your phone (I super love this feature!). And it also has a Kill Switch that will remotely disable your phone if it ever gets stolen.

So, there you have it: 5 reasons why you should get an LG G3 of your own! 🙂

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Top 5 Reasons Why the LG G3 is My Smartphone of Choice

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