5 Reasons Why I Love The Make Up Store


An admission: I’m a total noob when it comes to make-up. My daily make regimen includes a loose powder and a lip balm and that’s pretty much it. It’s safe to say that I am not the kikay type but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t give prettifying myself a chance. Plus, learning a few make-up skills will be handy in a girl’s everyday life.

When In Manila, I found myself lost one day in a make up store and wow, I never thought I would enjoy it that much. Thanks to The ake Up Store, my first make-up store immersion was a wonderful experience.

Let me share with you my Top 3 Reasons why I love The Make Up Store:


3. The Make Up Store has all your make-up needs – They literally got you covered from head to toe. From hair, make-up and bath & body products, you can get all that from The Make Up Store.


From blush ons…



to lipstick heaven! I didn’t even know that there are varieties like sparkline, creme and matte.



Trying out the shades of red lipsticks



Yep, ladies (and gents) — there are various kinds of mascara brushes!


What I also loved is that they carry a variety of unique products just like the three-shade concealer that had me in awe (who would have thought that I’d be so amazed with make-up) because it has everything all your concealing needs in just a single pot that you can carry everywhere.



A lipgloss with a light-up applicator! For those night outs when you want a quick lip fix but the surrounding’s too dark, this is just what you need.



Marble Eyeshadows — which are also brilliant as they come in a mix of colors that blends well together. No need for a bulky palette!



On to the body care products! The Make Up Store has perfumes available too, and they come in very lovely packaging.



They have the Home Spa products line that carries lotions, foot sprays, body milk, shower gels and a whole lot more.



And yes, they also offer nail care products. I love their nail polish selection!

On to number 2! 

2. The Make Up Store only sells high-quality products – With the Make Up Store, you are guaranteed with the highest-quality of make-up as all of their products are imported and exclusive to them. The Make Up Store is an international brand that aims to please millions of women around the world and hey, we deserve the best!


A whole lot of eyeshadows – they offer microshadows which are greatly pigmented and good for lasting use.



Oh my blush!



The only gold digger I approve of. :P


And the top 1 reason why I love The Make Up Store: 

The Make Up Store does not end at selling make-up, they educate! – Yes, they are the best at this. I’ve passed by malls and beauty stores and noticed that most of them offers only makeovers and then tries to convince you to get their products. But that’s not how The Make Up Store works, instead they really advise you on which products suits best you face and how to use these products to achieve the most flattering look for you whatever the occasion may be. They are staffed with great make up professionals who are very attentive and helpful.


Make Up Store’s Lei Ponce teaching me a thing or two about make-up. So many things to learn! Lei is an awesome make up artist so go check him out!



Here is Lei trying the three-shade concealer on Isa and how is works magic!



They also offer makeup courses! You can call them up to inquire and I assure you that they will impart to you the best tips and techniques that you will take home happily and will up your makeup skill to a new level. You can check out Isa’s Private Makeup Course experience at The Make Up Store here.

And that ended my pleasant visit to The Make Up Store! Of course, I didn’t leave without taking home some of their products! Can you guess what I got? 


Check out my product review at sharkmaine.com!

When In Manila, whether you’re a late-bloomer to make-up like me or an aspiring make up artist and you want (or need) make-up, then let me tell you that The Make Up Store is the way to go! Go ahead and check them out, ladies!

Make Up Store

 2nd Level, The Podium Mall

 (02) 654 55 33



Instagram: @makeupstorephl




5 Reasons Why I Love The Make Up Store

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