The Make Up Store & the Private Make Up Course

The Private Course

During my visit, the very lovely Make Up Store staff convinced me to try their Private Course. According to them, this is a 50 minute tutorial given by a profession make up artist where you learn the in applying make up. They teach you the basics in skincare and make up techniques to highlight your features. At the end of the session and given the limit of PHP 3,000.00, you get to choose which product used you’d like to take home. This way, you can recreate the same look anytime. 

They asked me what look I wanted to learn and I explained that I just wanted something simple and subtle, something I can do really quick. Right away, they started painting my face, all the while explaining every step. The private course is a different experience compared to normal make up classes. There are no generic lectures, this one on one session teaches you things that specifically caters to your facial features.  For someone who finds make up application taxing, it was a surprisingly fun experience. It definitely helped that everyone in the store were so nice, cheerful and helpful.


This is Krisha who, together with the great Make Up Store staff, regaled me with stories, funny quips and make up tips during my visit. 


After showing you how to put on the product, they give you a shot at applying them yourself. 


Make Up Store’s Lei Ponce is not only a make up artist, he is now also a photographer. Many thanks for taking these photos!





All fresh and made up.

You can also visit my blog here to read more about my misadventures. 


I came home with this eyeshadow pot and this three shade concealer. Tune in for another blogpost on these products!


Aside from the quality make up sold in the store, what I find appealing is the service they provide. No matter how good your make up is, it’s useless without knowing how to properly apply it. The Make Up Store staff makes sure that you know whatever it is you need to know about their products. They outshine with their skill, service and the knowledge they impart.

When In Manila, Make Up Store offers not only great make up, but also knowledge in the art of beauty.




Make Up Store

 2nd Level, The Podium Mall

 (02) 654 55 33

Instagram: @makeupstorephl

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