The Make Up Store & the Private Make Up Course

When in Manila, or anywhere else really, every girl should have a reliable one stop shop for all her beauty and pampering needs. It was not until recently when I discovered my favourite beauty spot.



The Make Up Store


Seems pretty self explanatory, but my new favorite beauty place is actually called ‘The Make Up Store’— no frills, no catchy tagline, just a simple and straightforward declaration of what they are. 


From concealers to lipstick, perfumes to lotions, they have it all— every single thing a woman would need to feel beautiful. Every girly want is satisfied.

wheninmanila-makeupstore-sisasaid-JUN_0314They have 4 lipstick lines: Clear, Sparkling, Sheer and Matte. Pictured above is the Sparkling Lipstick line.


Eyeliners in many different colors.

wheninmanila-makeupstore-sisasaid-JUN_0264Refreshing face powder that cools as you apply it. Perfect for our tropical weather!


Perfumes in cute bottles.



Microshadow in many shades. These shadows are very pigmented. I also learned that good eyeshadow should be the same shade as the shadow in the pot when you wipe it on to your finger. This means the make up has staying power.



There is more to their name. You’d be surprised to know that this store does not simply sell make up, they also teach clients about the make up they sell. One too many times I have wondered into cosmetic store, racked the shelves for something that would help me achieve a certain look, only to come home and be disappointed because I could never get it right. At Make Up store, they show you what products are best for your features and teach you how to use these products right. The staff are make up professionals who impart useful tips and tricks. Here, quality make up is sold and packed away in pretty little boxes but the sweetest part of the deal is that you actually leave the store knowing how to properly use what you are taking home.



Make Up Store’s Lei Ponce giving WhenInManila’s Mimai Cabugnason a trip around the store. 



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