Top 10 Things that Would Happen if Star Wars Was Done in the Philippines and India (No Spoilers)

Our dear fans of When In Manila, the Star Wars craze is all over the place, and we all hum the tune as we enter the cinemas and cry when the title comes up.

Imagine, though: what if Star Wars was done in the Philippines?


10. Darth Vader, being a political leader, will have epal posters all over the Death Star talking about his projects.

9. There will only be 12 fighter jets. Correction, 2 now, 10 still being built.

8. There has to be a Karaoke room somewhere.


A storm trooper decides to join the karaoke competition at DaiCon. (Solomon Freeman, 20, is the ‘Dance Trooper’).

7. The best time to attack the Death Star is during a Pacquiao boxing match. The whole place will be deserted.

6. There are no cars, but people will still get stuck in some sort of traffic.

5. There will be no Dark Side. Everyone uses whitening products.

4. Due to internal corruption, the Stormtroopers’ armor will be made of coconut shells.

3. There are no rivers or lakes, but for some reason, it still floods.

2. The amount of money spent on building the Death Star is enough to build 4 more.

1. Everyone greets each other with a “pabebe wave”.

To prove that there is no bias here and so that we can all laugh together, click on the next page to see what I imagine it would be if Star Wars was done in India!


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