Top 10 Funniest Texts Sent By Parents To Kids

Ah, parents. We love them — they spent a good chunk of our years (and theirs) taking care of us, attending to our every whim. But as well-meaning and lovely as they are, we should know by now that parents and technology do not mix, AT ALL. So when mom or dad joins the iPhone/Android craze… better brace yourselves for some head-scratching, wall-banging but totally HILARIOUS texts! What better way to let us know that they love us of course, but through a poorly-chosen emoji sentence? We rounded up the top ten funniest texts sent by parents to kids.

Top 10 Funniest Texts Sent By Parents To Kids


10. Mom loves her chocolate chips.

Funny Texts 10


9. When parents try to get in on the kids’ slang… and fail miserably.

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8. Lesson learned: Kids, learn to reply to your parents more often. 

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7. Not sure if cruel dad or just downright evil…

Funny Texts 6


6. When your mom sends a text from the iPhone for the first time.

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