Top 10 Eraserheads Songs of All-Time (Part 1)

When in Manila, we are a nation that truly supports OPM rock bands! Speaking of which, I’ll be featuring a band that inspired the creation of a lot of our homegrown acts and still continue to do so. I’m talking about none other than Eraserheads!








This highly-popular band that started out in the late 80’s is originally formed by Ely Buendia (lead vocals/guitar), Buddy Zabala (bass), Raimund Marasigan (drums), Marcus Adoro (guitar). (Kris Gorra-Dancel of ‘Fatal Posporos’ replaced Ely as lead vocalist when he left sometime early 2000). Their music which describes college life and growing up in general, has reached its peak in the 90’s. And even though the members have gone separate ways ,their songs are still considered relevant by a lot of Pinoys up to now. Actually, I believe “timeless” is the operative word that best describes their music.

Top 10 Eraserheads Songs of All-Time






10. Spoliarium

This song is named after painter Juan Luna’s masterpiece bearing the same name. I haven’t come across this song until I’ve heard Imago doing a revival of it. This song is kinda sullen but it still has that LSS-inducing feel. Love it!






9. Minsan

This is the barkada anthem of many Filipinos out there. Friends may grow out of their old habits and eventually part ways, but the solid friendship built through time will always remain. Reminds me of mah homies on the South. Miss you guys already! Crying face






8. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong

This is the theme song of the men who are sick and tired of their nagging girlfriends lol. You know when the honeymoon period is over and you start to fight about the little things and all. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and assess where you really want to take your relationship. *sigh*





7. Torpedo

You know when a guy wants to court a girl but he’s too much of a coward to do it? In the Philippines, we call that kind of guy as “torpe”. It’s ironic that this song has this “reverse psychology” effect that makes the girls more interested. That or the fact that we imagine the guy being Ely Buendia himself lolololWinking smile






6. Overdrive

Magdra-drive ako hanggang…buwan/ Please. please lang turuan mo akong mag-driiiive!” Did you know that this song has led car sales in the Philippines to drastically increase during the 90’s? LOL just kidding!



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