Toni Gonzaga was Hanged in Jones Bridge for Film ‘Last Night’ with Piolo Pascual

Words by Gabriella Mercado/@gabiimercado

Yes, you read that right. Toni Gonzaga was hanged in Jones Bridge for her new upcoming movie with Piolo Pascual, Last Night. The film was directed by Joyce Bernal and written by actress Bela Padilla.

Toni had to undergo training to prepare her for the scene and said “Pwede ko na ma cross-out yung pagbbungee jumping sa bucket list ko dahil parang ganun na rin yun.”

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She shared with us that they shot the scene multiple times so she had to be hanged there a lot of times. Toni is afraid of heights. However, Joyce Bernal expressed that she was scared of heights as well, and to show Toni that it was doable, the director did it first. “Kung kaya niya, kaya ko rin,”  Toni said.

In her 10 years with doing romantic comedies, Toni Gonzaga will be staring in her first dark romcom together with Piolo Pascual. “It’s a complicated, mature love story, hindi na ‘to yung usual na pa-tweetums” Piolo said.

“In fact we had to shoot in chronological order para alam namin saan pumupunta yung movie dahil complicated nga siya.”


Last Night is a story of two people who were at their lowest points. They were at their most vulnerable state and they met each other on their last night.

Director Joyce Bernal describes the film: “It’s their last night, and they want to last the night.”

Just when you thought you are at the end, sometimes, you find a new beginning. Watch the official trailer for Last Night here:

Last Night is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Catch it to answer all the confusion the movie trailer left you with!