TOMS Shoes Philippines: More Than Just A Pair Of Footwear

TOMS Shoes Philippines: More Than Just A Pair Of Footwear


Are you feeling kind lately? Do you want to give more to charity? Do you want to make the world a better place? Yes, yes, and yes to all of those questions? Then head to the latest flagship store of TOMS Shoes Philippines at SM Mega Fashion Hall 3rd floor as soon as you can and get a pair of shoes to reward yourself while donating a pair to a child who needs it at the same time.

First of all, a huge congratulations to TOMS Shoes Philippines for a new branch and for helping people around the world! And why did I say “people” instead of “children”? Let me update you on what TOMS Shoes has been up to!


toms shoes philippines 5Congratulations, TOMS Shoes Philippines! 

toms shoes philippines 3TOMS Shoes new flagship store at SM Mega Fashion Hall


By the way, thank you to TOMS Shoes for providing me with very comfortable footwear that I can use everyday (my previous one is already beaten up)! Read more for a TOMS transformation!


toms shoes philippines 1TOMS Shoes: One For One (before)


Toms Shoes Philippines – One For One: Not Just Shoes, But Also Sight And Water


We all know that every pair of purchased TOMS Shoes results in another pair going to a child in the need. Well, for the new TOMS eyewear collection, every pair of purchased eyewear results in an elderly getting their eyes checked. Then, if needed, they will get medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery. How awesome is TOMS?


toms shoes philippines 2One pair of TOMS Eyewear for Sight for one person


Wait – there’s more! For all of the coffee lovers out there, TOMS is now offering roasted coffee! And, if you buy a bag of coffee to fuel your day, a community will receive enough water to last them for a week! I’ve already tried their coffee Rwanda, and oh my, I’ve been so hyper and awake ever since!


toms shoes philippines 4One bag of TOMS Roasting Co. for Water for a community


There are so many things TOMS has been contributing to make the world a happier place to live in. Now, there are more ways to take action than one. Choose your own path and do good for the greater good.


toms shoes philippines 7Fashionable and doing good deeds at the same time, only with TOMS!


Time for my TOMS Shoes surprise! At their recent event, they had artists on-hand who could turn our shoes into awesome art. After all, it is made of canvas! I got mine done in the most hipster way possible: the Nebula! It looks so good – like the shoes went inside a printer and out! Good job!


toms shoes philippines 6TOMS Shoes Philippines: After I had it hand-painted


Don’t forget to tell your friends and tag your family with you to the newest flagship store of TOMS Shoes! 


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TOMS Shoes Philippines: More Than Just A Pair Of Footwear