TOMS Shoes Philippines – The Give Project: Style Your TOMS

TOMS Shoes Philippines – The Give Project: Style Your TOMS



When in Manila, right in the middle of the most populous and wealthiest city in the Philippines, we can find some of the biggest malls in the country. People meet, gather, and just get together to enjoy the company of one another. We eat, drink or shop, whatever it is, it’s nice to do something you like with the people you know that will put a smile in your face. I went to The GIVE Trinoma to cover their colorful event of style your TOMS and brought my cousin Portia with me (since she’s from the area). 




TOMS, I must say that my comfiest pair of shoes I have is my TOMS. They’re just so light and soft when you walk with it. Me myself is a huge fan of TOMS, I have their regular canvas, Aztec and their wedges. Who wouldn’t like TOMS? Not only that you’re giving your feet quality and comfortable protection to the every stride you make and every step you take, you’re also given a chance to be a responsible citizen every time you buy a pair, every pair is equivalent to a pair given to neighborhoods around the world that needed shoes.






There are a lot of reasons why I love TOMS, but mainly one of the reasons why I like it is because it goes with whatever I wear wherever I go to. If I go to the mall or church the regular flats would do, if I’m at work and need to be in heels I have my TOMS wedge that I can rely on. I wear my TOMS every time, if I’m at school, at the mall, and most especially in the office. I even remember running around the office rushing to the meetings that I need to attend with my wedge. My office mates were telling me that good thing I can still run around though I’m wearing heels and I actually told them that the heels that I was wearing at the time are not just heels but their TOMS. I explained them that though the shoes I was wearing is elevated the sole of it is rubber making my daily walkathon and run around the office easy as one, two, three. Wearing TOMS wedges are like grace under pressure!  




When I went to the GIVE store in Trinoma, I was pretty overwhelmed of the pair of TOMS that I saw there, the inner shopaholic in me suddenly whispered my ear saying that I should get one and that I should get it right there and there. And when I saw how good the painters were, the shopaholic girl inside me won! I just have to have that pair of TOMS one more time! Look how great my new TOMS!





And this is how this great artist did it!










I was amazed with the creativity these artist put into their artworks! 










Then, the next thing I knew I was not the only one battling with the inner shopaholic in me, I caught my cousin Portia talking to her Dad asking permission to buy TOMS after she have bought it! I was laughing at her when she couldn’t resist the new design that TOMS released this fall. As I was listening to the conversation of her and my uncle, I was amazed on how she told my uncle that having that pair of TOMS is giving a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. So when they finally ended the call, I told her “way to go little Miss Marilyn Monroe!” and we just laughed. 






TOMS is like a picture that can be described with many words. In my case, I like to say that TOMS is grace under pressure, no matter how hassle your day is, no matter how long it may be, no matter how tiring it gets, as long as you have the shoe that will give you a comfortable walk or run like TOMS does, you’ll end your day smiling and definitely say that TOMS can really conquer the world because it’s the right shoes for you!

As Cinderella as our testimony, a pair of shoes can make your life change! So grab TOMS at any branches near you and conquer the world!



So When in Manila, don’t worry! You can still want to personalize your TOMS get them at these dates and these stores! 






You can also get them at any Nothing but H2O  or www.nothingbutH2O.com

for more information about TOMS visit their website at www.toms.com



TOMS Shoes Philippines – The Give Project: Style Your TOMS