When in Manila: Grab a Pair of Sustainable Shoes from TOMS


When in Manila, it may be a wise decision to check out the nearest TOMS shoe retailer and check out their new selections, from the TOMS Summer Shoe Collection. What is perhaps the most admirable and inspiring thing about TOMS Shoes International is that when a pair of shoes is bought, it is not just the consumer who benefits from having a brand new pair of smashing kicks; a specific child in a needy community somewhere in the world receives a brand new pair as well, thanks to the One for One Program of TOMS.



 20120228 TOMS International Summer Collection Press Release 051

The TOMS International flag, modeled after the Argentine colors.




Selfless Giving – The TOMS Calling


While the Press Release was supposedly about the up-coming Summer Collection, it was impossible to ignore the message that TOMS has been advocating since the beginnings of the company six years ago. The company has truly kept to founder Blake Mycoskie’s quid pro quo outlook on selling shoes; for each pair sold, one pair is given to a child in need. To date, TOMS has given over a million pairs of new shoes to children in need all around the world through various giving partners. TOMS chose shoes as the approach on their social responsibility mission as shoes are necessary for many children around the world to attend classes. Having shoes, TOMS rationalized, would lead to children having better health, better access to education, and thus better chances for a better future. In addition, future plans involve the One for One eye wear, whereby for every pair of sunglasses purchased, TOMS helps an individual get his/her sight back.



20120228 TOMS International Summer Collection Press Release 012

An exhibit showcasing the far-reaching social responsibility of the One for One Program.



20120228 TOMS International Summer Collection Press Release 02

TOMS is moving on to giving people their sight back.




Sustainable Development – The TOMS Model


TOMS products are made mostly from sustainable materials; mostly canvas, burlap, and fabric. It was also significant that the packaging the shoes come in consist of a simple shoe box containing a reusable fabric shoe bag – the TOMS flag – which is in turn packaged in a recyclable paper bag. Apart from the minimal stickers on the shoe box as well as brand tags, use of plastics have been kept to a bare minimum. TOMS currently has production facilities in three countries (Argentina, Ethiopia, and China; all AAA-rated and third-party audited) while giving shoes to children from over 20 countries around the globe. The geographical choices for production locations ensure that shoes are made near communities that would benefit from TOMS’ assistance.




20120228 TOMS International Summer Collection Press Release 04

Perhaps why TOMS International won Distributor of the Year in 2011.




Shoes for the Summer – The TOMS Collection


TOMS would not be able to give as many pairs of shoes as they have thus far without offering a great line-up of products. The up-coming Summer Collection features classic TOMS footwear in brighter and fresher colors. For the women’s line, TOMS is greatly excited to introduce the new Strappy Wedge, the tallest member of the TOMS shoes family, as well as ballet flats. TOMS is also venturing out to other designs other than their highly successful classic espadrilles, with either stylish and classy choices, or more rugged and casual pairs for men. The kids selection for summer will see a line of shoes that have even better durability. From personal experience, TOMS shoes are comfortable without looking too casual. All in all, the TOMS Summer Collection offers a wide variety of fun and fresh shoes for everyone when in Manila, what with the weather taking a hotter turn.



 20120228 TOMS International Summer Collection Press Release 03

 These desert botas from TOMS will give one child in need his/her first a pair of shoes.




Special Projects – The TOMS Future


On April 10, the TOMS International community eagerly hopes for your participation in the One Day Without Shoes awareness campaign. For one day in the year, supporters of the campaign forgo footwear. Last year, thousands shed shoes in over 25 countries in support of the campaign. You can get involved as easily as going shoeless for a duration that you are comfortable for; 10 minutes or 10 hours, you will have helped raised awareness to the plight of millions of children around the globe. You could also encourage your friends, family, and even a local running club to try a day barefoot – when someone asks, tell them. Register at OneDayWithoutShoes.com as well to get updates. Who knew taking off our shoes when in Manila on April 10 would lead to a child putting on his somewhere in the world?


When in Manila, check out a TOMS retailer near you!


TOMS has stores from Alabang to Makati to Quezon City; for information on retailers, visit the TOMS store locator.
For more information on TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, the One for One awareness campaign, and the full line-up of TOMS shoes, visit TOMS.com



TOMS International – Selflessness, Sustainability, and Shoes


When in Manila: Grab a Pair of Sustainable Shoes from TOMS


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