Tom Holland Was Almost in ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse was one of the most successful films of 2018. It gave us a new taste of the Spider-Man story we all know and love. It also introduced us to the multi-verse and to the possibility of there being more than one Spider-person. It gave us everything from Peter Parker to Peter Porker. Little did we know, there was supposed to be a third Peter Parker in the film, one we’ve grown familiar with over the last couple of years.

tom holland into the spider verse

Tom Holland revealed during an interview with that he was supposed to have a small cameo in the Oscar-winning film, as reported by Holland even described what the scene was supposed to be.

“At one point I was supposed to be in it,” Holland said. “There was going to be another Peter Parker [in addition to the one voiced by Jake Johnson]. There was like a scene in a train station or something, and it was going to be like an Easter egg. I was going to walk through the background or something, and say like ‘Hey, kid.’”

However, this eventually didn’t make it into the movie. Holland did share that he’s a big fan of Miles Morales, though, and that he’d love to see him in the MCU.

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Do you want to see Miles Morales in the MCU, too?