Tom Holland has revealed the title of Spider Man 2!

After the emotional damage that Infinity War has done on all of us, this is a piece of good news we’re definitely excited to have!

While we’re not entirely sure if he was supposed to reveal the title (oh, Tom and his penchant for accidentally revealing spoilers!), we’re kind of glad he did! Now we know that the title of the next Spider Man film is Spider Man: Far from Home!

Tom revealed it on his Instagram while he was at  Ace Comic Con in Seattle where he received the script for said film.

Check out the video below:

Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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We love our spoiler king! So many different things could happen given that title. Is he far from home because he’s in Soul World? Or does he get back somehow (he has to!) and goes on a field trip gone terribly wrong? Whatever it is, we’re hoping for the best!

Go, Spider Man!

What do you think could happen in the sequel? Let us know!

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