To Pay Or Not To Pay? That Is Not A Question

Whenever you’re faced with a situation in which you’re not sure whether you should pay or not, always think twice because more often than not, you should.

Here are five situations in which you should totally pay, no questions asked.

5. First date

People have this notion that, at least on the first date, the guy should take care of the bill. But hey, this is unfair. Your date shouldn’t have to pay just because of outdated social norms and gender stereotypes. After all, you are not dating someone for free dinner.

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4. Debt

When a friend lends you money, it means that he/she actually trusts you to pay it back through your own volition or even without them having to collect it from you. Borrowing money should also mean that you are responsible and capable enough to settle them. A friendship built on trust is something you wouldn’t want to waste just for a couple of bucks that are not yours to begin with. 

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3. Bills

Before getting too excited with your paycheck and asking every friend out for a night of fun, make sure to settle all your bills first. Yes, you deserve a wild night after the stressful days you have endured to get your money but prioritizing your financial responsibilities will save you from headaches in the days to come.

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2. Art

Asking an artist to do a job for free is ridiculous as it is disrespectful. They spend thousands of pesos to train and master their pieces. After all, they need to eat and have bills to pay, too, just like the rest of us. If you’re not willing to do your job for free, then why expect artists to do so?

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1. Mom and Dad

Your parents will always take care of you as much as they can. However, when you’ve been working for a couple of years now, try reaching out for the dinner bill the next time you go out with them. It’s the least you can do after all the years of sacrifice they had to endure to get you where you are now.

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