Want Extra Cash? Here Are 5 Tried & Tested Tipid Tips for Millennials

Some millennials often forget how important savings are because they choose to live in the now. But hey, in case you’ve finally realized that you should really start putting even just a few bucks aside, here are a few tips on how to fatten up your piggybank savings account.

5. Bring baon

It sure is tempting and convenient to eat out all the time, but cooking and packing lunch will help you set aside some cash for your savings.

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4. Use pantry supplies

We know, you need that cup of coffee to start your day but do you really need to spend more than a hundred on a cup of caffeine? Instead of going to a cafe and ordering your fix there, why not make yourself one in the office pantry where the coffee is free and the creamer is plenty?

coffee 1

3. Avoid malls as much as possible

If you already know that you are weak to temptation, then at least try avoiding places that double the struggle. Not going to malls when you don’t need to might just save you from the impulsive and unnecessary shopping spree.

Newport mall

2. Walk

Opting to walk instead of taking a cab when your destination is close is not only a money-saving choice but an eco-friendly one as well. Plus, there are times when walking from one place to another is actually faster. Hello, Makati traffic!


1. Learn to say no

It’s Friday night and all your friends are planning to go out because the week, just like the last 5 weeks, has been stressful. If you fear that you might miss out on the fun, remember that learning to say no at times will save you from the fear of future financial instability.


A little sacrifice will go a long way and might help you retire from your job earlier; thus, leaving you plenty of time to YOLO without all the worries.

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