Tita Shirts: BEST Filipino Family Reunion / Xmas Party Tshirt EVER

We shared this funny crazy shirt, perfect for xmas parties and family gatherings! 

Since then, other media outlets have also picked up on it and now we’re getting dozens of inquiries on where to buy the shirt (even if we listed details on the photo itself).

So here you go, the information on how these shirts came to be and how you can order them…. for your loving Tita! 

 Tita Shirts BEST Filipino Family Reunion Xmas Party Tshirt EVER WhenInManila 2

 Defend yourself politely this Christmas! May “po” naman.


BEST Filipino family reunion / xmas party shirt EVER!!!

From Gang Badoy (creator of Tita Shirts):

Since we posted the ‘Tita Ping T-shirt series’ I got a few emails asking if she was really like that. The ornery aunt who asked intrusive questions, and had quips for everyone’s weight gain, marital status, and decisions on whether to have children or not. Since I don’t have children, she would say things like, “O, bakit wala? Kaninong gamit ang may diperensya?” (Why no kids? Whose equipment is damaged?”) She was that way! So amusing, annoying, endearing, all at the same time. She had a deep cigarette voice, lovely hands, piercing eyes, and a laugh that covered miles and went on for months. She was a lawyer, a Mom, a Wife, and THE Aunt.

Just to illustrate, I hung out w her during the last stretches of her life in the hospital, had the privilege of riding the ambulance with her to the hospital. Inside the ambulance, I asked her if she was cold, she said yes a bit, I said I can ask for another blanket if she wanted one, then she said rather sternly with smiling eyes, “Rhum Coke.” I had half a mind to ask the ambulance driver to swing by a 7-11 to mix her one swig. Of course right then it felt like an absurd idea, but now a few months later, it was probably the greatest bravest idea I should’ve taken on. Aaah, life is short, kids, LIVE. Have that rhum coke with them if they ask for it.

Just like I once lit a cigarette inside a hospital room somewhere in Greenhills late one Thursday night in July. Sorry about that Doctors … but if you were in my place, you’d know how difficult it is to say no to Tita Ping.

To order for Dec 29: radio@rockedphilippines.org


“Presenting the “Tita Ping T-Shirt Series” Winter 2014 collection, naks. A/W2014
(Msg me if you want to order! Gagawin kong fund raiser.) Quote by me (Gang Badoy), and penned by the highly creative Cj de Silva-Ong of Rock Ed Philippines”

EMAIL: radio@rockedphilippines.org

Re: Tita Ping shirt

Size – it comes in S, M, L, XL, & 2XL/ it really is just black with white letters on it.

It’s PHP400 – but if you want to donate further to our projects pls donate PHP500.

Indicate on email also if you can pick up in Serendra area or if we need to deliver. Shet pero ang traffic. All shirts come on Monday!

YAY! This is for our gas money pool for our book deliveries and teaching in prison


And for those needing defending against the usual: “Kailan ka magkakaanak?” (When will you have kids) questions, here’s a Tita shirt for you! 

Tita Shirts BEST Filipino Family Reunion Xmas Party Tshirt EVER WhenInManila


So what you waiting for?!?! Defend yourself from that inquisitive Tita with these funny, cool, but still sorta respectful Tita Shirts! 

What are your favorite Tita Quotes?!?!?