Tips on Public Speaking: Speak and Grow Rich by Chinkee Tan

When In Manila and you’re tired of feeling small and speechless when amongst the co-called big guys, then it’s time you attended one of Chinkee Tan’s seminars and learn the tricks of the trade!


Tips on Public Speaking by Chinkee Tan

Who is Chinkee Tan anyway? Chinkee Tan is a lifestyle trainer whose calling is  to train Filipinos for personal uplifting which leads to victorious living through faith in God. Just like many, Chinkee started his life with almost nothing but slowly changed his future by simply believing in himself and determining his goal. Today, he has written 3 best-selling books namely “Till Debt Do Us Part: Practical Steps to Financial Freedom”, “For Richer and For Poorer,” “Rich God Poor God,” and “How I Made My First Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too.”



Tips on Public Speaking: Speak and Grow Rich


Tips on Public Speaking: First Things First

Last Aug. 24, I attended one of Chinkee Tan’s seminars called “Speak and Grow Rich.” Now, when attending most seminars and workshops about tips on public speaking, the first things the speaker often tells us is the proper way to look and act – we have to stand straight, eyes forward, hands on the side and so on. Mr. Chinkee Tan however spent almost 70% of the whole day workshop making us internalize and build ourselves up. Why? Because when something is broken, you don’t fix it on the outside, but on the inside.


Tips on Public Speaking Chinkee Tan 01

Tips on Public Speaking: Speak and Grow Rich Seminar was VERY interactive!



Tips on Public Speaking: Building Yourself Up

Self Image is what you see, self worth is what you feel, and your perception is what you believe. Tips on Public Speaking do not just cover the physical, but also what’s inside. The way you see yourself is vital because this will affect your behavior, your thinking and how you relate to others. Hence, if you’re a very untrusting person toward other people, it might mean that you don’t trust yourself to begin with. Simpler said, if you were happy today, everything seems fine and dandy; but if today was a bad day, every tiny bit of detail is frustrating and annoying.


Here’s a very good example on self-image. No matter how the world may view you, if you have a bad self-image, then you will always see yourself in a bad way.


Tips on Public Speaking: Facing the Past

Oftentimes, we explain how we are who we are today because of something that happened in the past. Well guess what? Your past DID NOT FORM nor DICTATE who you are today. It may have been part of it, but IT IS NOT YOU. You can’t change your past, but you sure can change your future… and it all starts by FACING YOUR PAST. Most of us try to forget the past by keeping ourselves busy. One participant in the seminar shared how she is naturally happy and bubbly with friends, but when alone, she feel depressed. Chinkee Tan then explained how she has not yet faced her past, hence, when alone, it still haunts her. Another example was this guy who was physically abused as a child, he refuses to get married today because he first wants to make sure his child will not go through the same thing. Know that if you don’t deal with your past, history will repeat itself – even if you don’t want it to.


Tips on Public Speaking Chinkee Tan 03

Tips on Public Speaking: Speak and Grow Rich by Chinkee Tan



Tips in Public Speaking: Be Patient with Yourself

All these are really easier said and done. Don’t be frustrated, be patient. Invest and believe in yourself… change the way you think…believe it can be fixed. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling more and more confident.


Chinkee Tan’s Speak and Grow Rich seminar was really one of a kind and not at all what I expected. As he continuously said, you don’t solve a problem by the fruits, you solve it by the roots.


The seminar was very informative and well worth it! So why not grab one of his books too and add to your knowledge?  Before I end this post, let me leave you with one of Chinkee’s words of wisdom… What matters is not how many times you fall but how many times you pull yourself up. Be patient with yourself, FAIL is just an acronym for First Attempt In Learning.


Tips on Public Speaking (from L to R) Hannah Villasis, Chinkee Tan and Cheryl Golangco


Catch Mr. Chinkee Tan’s upcoming seminar entitled DEVELOPING THE MILLIONAIRE’S MINDSET! If you often find yourself broke and living paycheck to paycheck, then this is the seminar for you! Get out of that slump by simply changing the way you think!





September 21, 2012

10am to 6pm at Victory Greenhill Center

To register, contact Ivan at 0922 859 5945




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Tips on Public Speaking: Speak and Grow Rich by Chinkee Tan

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