Tipple and Slaw Now Serves Lunch! (Their Pot Belly Rice is a MUST TRY!)

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Tipple and Slaw for… Lunch?

Tipple and Slaw has recently released a new lunch menu, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Ever since they’ve rolled out their impeccable selection of craft sandwiches last year, we’ve kept our eyes peeled in anticipation of what Chef Francis Lim has up his sleeve next. Suffice to say, we definitely liked what we saw!

After giving their menu a bit of a tweak (thus bidding farewell to my favie soft-shell crab sandwich), Tipple has now included a range of filling rice and pasta meals for their lunch selection that are sure to win every hungry yuppie’s heart and tummy over. Below are some of their newest menu additions, especially selected by Chef Francis himself for us to sample.

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Pot Belly (PHP 350) – crispy pork belly, salsa verde, fried eggs, plantains, organic rice

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Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo (PHP 450) – grilled shrimp, sausage gumbo, tipple slaw, shrimp fat rice

The pair of rice dishes we got to try were, as expected, crazy good. Unpretentious and no-frills, nothing too fancy or overthought – just downright great-tasting meals that serve its purpose satisfy. Their Pot Belly was a unanimous favorite: salty and crispy pork belly offset by sweet plantains and organic rice. I could’ve easily had two plates of those (no shame). Coming in as a close contender was their Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo; with rice generously cooked in shrimp fat completing the savory combo of grilled shrimp and sausage.

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Lamb Meatball Pasta (PHP 500) – ground lamb and parmesan meatballs, brown sauce, mint salsa, feta yogurt

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Chorizo Lasagna (PHP 480) –  smoked chorizo, fennel bechamel, mozzarella

They’ve also further expanded their menu to include some pasta offerings. One that’s worth a try is their Lamb Meatball Pasta, topped with feta yogurt and given a kick with mint salsa. Your regular lasagna gets an upgrade with Tipple’s Chorizo Lasagna; the sweet and tangy chorizo gives the rich Bechamel sauce a much-needed boost.

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Chorizo Burger (PHP 350) – chorizo patty, fried egg, hash brown, aioli

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Shrimp Roll (PHP 330) – fresh shrimps, shrimp mayo, alfalfa

Sandwich people need not fret, as Tipple and Slaw also has some new creations on offer. Their Chorizo Burger is the perfect after-drinks munchies, a beautiful greasy mess of chorizo, fried egg and hash browns worth tackling despite your inebriated state. A light and refreshing alternative is the Shrimp Roll, generously stuffed with fresh shrimps coated in Tipple’s very own shrimp mayo. These hefty burgers can be split between two, or fill one very hungry stomach.

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Reverse Grilled Cheese (PHP 250) – cheese ice cream, cheese sauce, grated parmesan, brioche bun

When you’ve had meals as lip smacking tasty as these, your expectations for dessert begin to skyrocket. Thankfully, we weren’t at all disappointed, as Tipple presented us with a dessert idea so crazy, it actually tasted great. The Reverse Grilled Cheese is a massive cheesy, gooey confection made for the ultimate cheese lover.

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With all this new and yummy grub, we’ll be flocking over to Tipple and Slaw wayyy before happy hour! Have you tried any of these dishes? Let us know what you think, and what we should try next!

Tipple and Slaw

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